Two girls rescued, restored to parents

Two minor girls were rescued and restored to their parents due to the prompt action of Anti-Human Trafficking Unit and co-ordination with NGOs one based in Darjeeling and others based in the city.

According to police sources, one of the minor girls who was undergoing training to become a beautician in Darjeeling was lured by Kaaynath Hussain and Faisal who promised her a job in a beauty parlour in Hyderabad. In order to mask the girl’s age, they secured a document proving four years of training and persuaded her parents to sign a few legal papers. As the COVID-19 lockdown was winding down, the girl was brought to Hyderabad in September 2020. But instead of being given work in a beauty parlour, the girl was made to do household chores. Finally, in February the girl managed to dial her parents about her plight.

Initially scared about the financial liability of violating legal agreement, the parents of the girl reached out to Anugyalaya Dargjeeling Diocese Social Service Society. The child protection officer of Anugyalaya Darjeeling got in touch with Red Alert organisation and with the help of Pratham Council for Vulnerable Children managed to raise a police alarm. A team of AHTU led by Sub Inspector, Renuka Reddy carried out the rescue operation at Studio F Saloon, Near Shilpa Park, Kondapur. But instead of just one minor, the team discovered two minor girls and they were handed over to their parents on Tuesday.


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