UEFA Champions League Round of 16: Messi’s Barcelona will face Neymar’s PSG, Lazio will face defending champion Bayern Munich

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Barcelona will face PSG and Yuventus in the Round of 16 against Porto.

The Round of 16 matches have been announced on Monday in the UEFA Champions League. Star striker Lionel Messi’s team will face Neymar’s team Paris Saint Germain (PSG) in Barcelona Final-16. At the same time, defending champion Bayern Munich will face Italy’s football club Lazio.

The UEFA Champions League announced the Round of 16 matches on its social media account. He wrote in the caption, ‘Which match are you most excited for?’

The match between Barcelona and PSG took place in 2017

Earlier in the round of 16, Barcelona and PSG faced in 2017. In the first leg, PSG beat Barcelona 4–0. At the same time, Barcelona beat PSG 6–1 in the second leg. Based on the aggregate, Barcelona’s team won the match 6-5 to advance to the quarter-finals.

Chelsea’s team will face Atlético Madrid

At the same time, Premier League champions Liverpool will face semi-finalist team RB Leipzig last season. Liverpool have won the last 10 matches against Leipzig. Whereas, Spanish club Atlético Madrid will face English club Chelsea in the round of 16.

Ronaldo’s Yuventus face FC Porto

Italy’s Giants club and Cristiano Ronaldo’s team Uventus will face Portugal’s FC Porto. In the round of 16, Borussia Dortmund will face Sevilla and Real Madrid will face Atlanta. The winning team in the Round of 16 will advance to the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

Round of 16 Matches of

Team vs Team
Mönchengladbach vs Manchester City
Lazio vs Bayern Munich
Atletico Madrid vs Chelsea
Leipzig vs Liverpool
Porto vs Euventus
Barcelona vs PSG
Seville vs Borussia Dortmund
Atlanta vs Real madrid

In the same way, there are many more.

How is the match played in round of 16?

Matches will be played in 2 parts in the Round of 16. In this, all teams have to play 2-2 matches. It is known as first leg and second leg. In this, both teams play 1–1 matches on their respective home grounds. The first leg of the Round of 16 will begin on February 17 next year. The Atlanta team will take on Real Madrid in the first match. At the same time, the second leg will start on 10 March. In this, the team of Yuventus will face FC Porto.


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