UK-Based Miniature Artist Creates ‘Kidney Stone-Henge’ Using His Own Body Stones

Last Updated: January 11, 2023, 17:43 IST

Artist Simon Le Boggit created a ‘kidney Stone-henge’ using his body stones that was displayed in an exhibition put up by arts charity Outside In (Photo Credits: Twitter/@Clonehenge)

UK-based artist Simon Le Boggit created a miniature of Stonehenge, England’s historic landmark, out of his own kidney stones. He displayed his art in an exhibition put on by the NGO Outside In.

UK-based artist demonstrated that there are no limitations to creativity as he goes on to create a miniature of Stonehenge, England’s historic landmark, out of his own kidney stones. Yes, you read that right! In an exhibition put on by the non-profit organisation Outside In, artist Simon Le Boggit displayed his original depiction of the famous site in England. The image of the unique interpretation of England’s most famous monument quickly went viral on social media. In the picture, one can notice the kidney stone henge placed in a small glass dome. The photo also shows other tiny stones placed around it.

The caption also read, “Indeed a second kidney-stone-henge in the world, this one made by Simon Le Boggit. I would have guessed there would only ever be one but I should know better. The urge to create Stonehenge’s out of any material is universal.” Take a look at the tweet below:

According to the charity house, Mr Boggit revealed that he came up with the idea of creating a micro-sculpture from his own kidney stones after years of ultrasound Shock Wave Lithotripsy sessions. He stated that his artwork, made from kidney stones harvested over several years of treatment, is regarded as a “monument” to the National Health Service’s caring staff’s dedication, diligence, and humane understanding. It is also “a stark reminder of the delicate nature of our normality, health, and mortality,” he said.

Mr Boggit’s artwork was displayed at a touring exhibition called “Humanity,” according to the BBC. The exhibition exhibited the work of 80 artists and delved into the question of what it means to be human. It is Outside In’s sixth national open exhibition, which was founded to promote the work of artists who were frequently “overlooked” due to factors such as health and disability.

According to the outlet, in addition to Mr Boggit’s miniature Stonehenge, the exhibition included paintings and drawings, ceramics, photography, and performance pieces. Other works included Ian Barnes’ “RNLI Saves Refugees,” which celebrates human bravery.

According to the BBC, the exhibition will be on display at Sotheby’s London until January 27 before travelling to Glasgow and Brighton later in the year.

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