UK Tourist Left in Tears After Train ‘Splits in Half’ During Journey

A TikTok userโ€™s wanderlust turned into a massive nightmare when his train split in half. The incident took place in the UK, where a tourist boarded public transport for the first time ever. According to the personal account of the TikTok user, the train split in half and ended up moving in the wrong direction before transporting all the passengers safely to their destinations. Seemingly, there was a delay while the carriages parted ways which left the train moving in the wrong direction. As soon as the clip surfaced online, it left netizens utterly shocked.

In the clip shared by the man, he claimed that it was his first time boarding a train in the UK. After the train split in half, the user was only left with a 3 percent battery on his mobile device. โ€œFirst time riding the train alone in the UK and my train just split in half and I’m going the wrong way with 3 percent battery life and 2 pounds,โ€ he wrote in the viral TikTok clip.

In the caption of the post, the user requested people to help him if they see him in tears. He stated, โ€œIf you see me walking around crawley with tears in my eyes please help a brother out.โ€

A barrage of Britishers were shocked to watch the viral clip. One of them who couldnโ€™t believe the incident was true, asked again, โ€œWait What? Trains split in the UK?โ€ The TikTok user was quick to respond, โ€œYes, this video is your warning.โ€

A person who resides in the UK questioned the fact and wrote, โ€œWait I live in London and trains split?โ€ Another person followed suit to dismiss the fact and commented โ€œIโ€™ve lived in England my whole life, north England and Iโ€™ve never seen a train split and head in two different directions.โ€

Meanwhile, a small section of the internet who knew about the incident claimed that an announcement about the trains was made by the authorities. Many wondered if it was the TikTok userโ€™s headphones should be blamed for him missing the public announcement. Seemingly, he wasnโ€™t the only one on the train who missed the announcement due to the same mistake. Eventually, with the help of the staff, everyone was able to reach their final destination.

The TikTok user while confirming the same in the comment section wrote, โ€œAfter hours of struggling and tears I made it to my destination.โ€

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