U’Khand: Man allegedly lynched for entering temple ‘drunk’, autopsy finds no alcohol | News – Times of India Videos

Apr 08, 2021, 10:56AM ISTSource: TNN

A man walked into a religious ceremony. Something about his demeanour made those attending the Harinam Sankirtan believe he was drunk. Indignant outrage spilled over and a group of men beat up the man mercilessly — once inside the temple and, again, outside where he lay writhing in pain. Within hours, he died. Johnny Sagar, 29, lived in Rudrapur. “On Tuesday, around 2pm, my husband had left home for some work and had gone to a temple in the area where we live. A religious ceremony was on,” his wife Sudha Rani said in a complaint to the police on Tuesday. A group of men charged at him, accusing him of being drunk. “First, they beat him up inside the pandal set up for the ceremony. Then, they dragged him out and beat him up again. He was badly injured.”


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