Uncle-nephew pair will be seen in Rana Naidu: Daggubati will be seen with Venkatesh, said – now the real story will be seen only on OTT

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The Netflix crime drama series stars Rana Daggubati, Abhishek Banerjee, Sushant Singh and Surveen Chawla in lead roles. It also stars South veteran actor Venkatesh. In the recent meeting, he has shared special things about the show and his approach. Here are the main parts:-

, What was the prep for your characters and what were the takeaways from them?

Surveen :- I don’t have any method. It is just that the number of times the script has to be read. I do not use any other method other than that. Of course it remains that I have to memorize my lines.

Abhishek: To be honest, I don’t remember. It’s been a long time, so I don’t even remember. I probably just memorized the lines.

Rana: To be honest, Abhishek Sharma is staying. This man used to come with full on preparation. Abhishek is also an acting trainer, so he rather got us all prepared. As for me, I just followed the instructions of my director Karan Anshuman. Because my character of Rana in the series is totally different from my real life Rana.

You are a pan Indian star, but your expressions were different on your face?

Rana :- In English there is a word stoic i.e. adamant or emotionless. My character is the same here. He is of the big reserve type. Speaks less. Although people in India like to talk. So such emotionless characters can hold their expression in a film of two and a half hours. But here it was a challenge to maintain it throughout the web series. Also there is a family drama of our gangsters. But I could easily get into the character because I had amazing actors with me.

Sushant: Well said Rana. My character also has a body language. He also has partial Parkinson’s in his hand. Because of that his hand keeps trembling a bit. Director Karan Anshuman had prepared all this. So we actors didn’t need to do much homework. Just for the thing of Western Parkinson’s, you had to remain a little conscious, because sometimes you forget that the hand also has to keep trembling. He has also been a stunt master, but his dressing sense reminds me of the famous action director Allan Amin. I realized this later. So Alan, don’t ask for money, you won’t get it.

What kind of films will play in South now?

Rana: There too the consumption of digital content has increased. Earlier, where people used to watch that content for 10 hours, now they have started watching that content for 14 to 15 hours. That is, the films which will have extreme emotions, you will go and see them in the theatre. You will see the rest of the stories on OTT.

How strong is your character?

Surveen: It is not fair to limit any character or person to the realm of strong. I think you cannot talk about a person in adjectives. Because any person shifts from one place to another like a pendulum. It is not necessary that one who is allegedly strong will never become weak or one who is weak cannot be strong.

Abhishek, how are you getting offers as an actor and as a casting director?

In the past and even now only good actors have been demanded from the casting director. Now it is probably due to OTT that the opportunities for new faces have increased a lot. Before the OTT era, there were reservations about such faces. Earlier it was said that instead of new faces, take familiar faces. so that the film goes on. As an actor, I am getting good offers. Of course, it is better if situational comedy comes in comedy.

You got to work with the legendary VC here, how did it feel?

Rana: From the day I became an actor, I knew from that time itself that this is going to come one day. He has been doing a certain kind of films for the last 25 to 30 years. He has a different image. So in Rana Naidu he has stepped out of his comfort zone. She has given herself a complete makeover. People are liking his changed style.

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