Unemployed against the government put a big stop in Jaipur: sack minister Subhash Garg, including the CBI investigation of REIT, unemployed said – when will the government be recruited for 1 lakh posts

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  • There Is A Demand For The Dismissal Of Minister Subhash Garg, Including The CBI Inquiry Of REIT, Upen Said When Will The Government Be Recruited For 1 Lakh Posts

Jaipur22 minutes ago

In Rajasthan, the opposition of unemployed people regarding competitive examinations is increasing continuously. Unemployed people across the state have sat on a Mahapadav at 22 godowns in Jaipur, demanding a non-bailable law against paper leaks, forgery and copying. State President of Rajasthan Unemployment Unified Federation, Upen Yadav said that there is a difference between the words and deeds of the government. Therefore, now the unemployed of Rajasthan will fight a one-sided battle with the government. Our Mahapadav will continue till the government fulfills our demands.

Upen said that all the competitive examinations including REET, Sub-Inspector, JEN, are being rigged in Rajasthan. But the government is not taking any effective steps to curb copying. Rather, the youth who raise their voice against rigging are being harassed by the police. Whereas in reality the big accused who rigged the recruitment examinations should be caught and put in jail. Along with this, along with conducting a CBI inquiry into the REET exam, Minister Subhash Garg should be sacked by making the REIT data public.

Upen said that a year ago a written agreement was signed with the government. After this agreement was reached in Lucknow. Many demands of both the agreements are still unfulfilled. While the unemployed are still agitating for different demands including reducing the quota of outside states in recruitment, ending the interview practice in competitive examination and increasing the post in PTI Arab Livestock Assistant Recruitment. But the government is not fulfilling our demands, so now we are compelled to come out on the road against the government.

Major demands of the unemployed

  • REIT Recruitment 2021 should be investigated by CBI.
  • REIT Recruitment 2021 result (data) to be made public on the website.
  • In the cases involved in paper leak, forgery, copying and fake degree diploma in competitive recruitment examinations, the government should bring strict non-bailable law as soon as possible and with the provision of imprisonment of 20 years or life in the law, the provision of confiscation of the property of the guilty should also be kept. .
  • The unemployed of the state should be given priority by reducing the quota to the outside state.
  • The practice of interview should be abolished in all competitive examinations.
  • RPSC interview bribery case should be disclosed and strict action should be taken against the guilty.
  • PTI recruitment should be done on 5000 posts.
  • Panchayatiraj jen recruitment release should be issued as soon as possible.
  • The list of increased posts in Radiographer Lab Technician Recruitment should be released as soon as possible.
  • The calendar of new school lecturer, senior teacher recruitment and reet recruitment examinations should be released as soon as possible.
  • Competitive recruitment examinations should be given in the examination home districts and the demands of the earlier agreement with the government should be fulfilled at the earliest.
  • The investigation of Librarian, JEN, SI recruitment should also be given to CBI.

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