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Unveiled: The Story Behind The First-ever Face Mask Made With Indian Gum – News18

Sheet masks trace back to the 19th-century Victorian era.

With the ever-growing demand for beauty brands, it has become necessary to trace the history of the World’s first face mask.

Face masks and sheet masks are considered top picks for the skincare routine. From attending parties, weddings, or office functions, these skincare products are a must to keep your skin glowing and radiating. With the ever-growing demand for beauty brands, it has become important to trace the history of the first face mask in the World.

Indian Gum has played a pivotal role in introducing face masks among skincare products. The story of where it was made, how it was used, and how face masks have become a global sensation today is truly fascinating. Letโ€™s find out more below.

Sheet masks trace back to the 19th-century Victorian era. Beautiful with Brains report unveiled that Madam Helen M. Rowley, a 51-year-old American woman from that era, introduced the worldโ€™s very first facial mask. Interestingly, during that time, it was known as a toilet mask or face glove. This mask was made from soft and pliable Indian rubber. At that time, women apply these masks before bedtime and remove them early in the morning.

The results were overwhelming but people often find it a tiresome process. Still, the core purpose of a sheet mask remains consistent: it is used to revitalize, moisturize, and nourish the skin, bringing back your skin moisture and nutrients to give your skin a radiating and nourishing tone.

Madame Rowley secured a patent for her invention in 1875, driven by the purpose of promoting proper blood circulation which further addressed issues like boils and skin blemishes. This pioneering advancement spurred many European women to embark on creating their facial masks. Among them, Nanette Emerson French stands out for her innovative double-layered toilet mask, featuring an outer layer composed of flexible materials like cotton, linen, silk, leather, or rubber, complemented by an inner layer made from medicated fabric.

Presently, an extensive range of sheet masks is readily available, but the Korean Rubber Face Mask holds a prominent position as a much-desired product. This unique rubber-textured facial mask makes sure to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day while also addressing various skincare concerns. It not only cleanses the skin but also keeps it well-moisturised. What sets it apart is its remarkable water-absorbing ability, absorbing 20 times its weight in water.

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