Uorfi Javed Gets Death Threat For Recreating ‘Chhote Pandit’ On Halloween

Uorfi Javed dressed up as ‘Chhote Pandit’, the character played by Rajpal Yadav in ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’.

New Delhi:

Uorfi Javed, an actor and reality star, is known for her fashion which has been described as bizarre by some, and creative by others. Her sartorial choices have often won her accolades, but at times have also triggered controversy. Her latest post, where she recreated actor Rajpal Yadav’s look from the movie ‘Bhool Bhulaiyaa’, is being targeted by trolls with some even sending death threats to the actor.

For Halloween, Uorfi Javed dressed up as ‘Chhote Pandit’, the character played by Rajpal Yadav in the hit film. Just like the character, she painted her face red and wore an orange dhoti and a red top. She put a marigold garland around her neck and 2 incense sticks on her ears to complete the look.

As soon as the ‘Bigg Boss’ fame actor shared the video on Instagram, several users urged her to take it down as it was “insulting and aimed at offending Hindus”.

The 26-year-old said that she was getting death threats over the video, and shared screenshots of the emails she had received.

“I’m just shocked and appalled by this country mahn , I’m getting death threats in recreating a character from a movie where as that character didn’t get any backlash :/ (sic)” Uorfi Javed said on X (formerly Twitter).

In one of the emails shared by the actor, a man named Nikhil Goswami urges her to delete the video or he will kill her.

In another, a man asks her how she is defaming the Hindu religion. ‘Live your life, I will shoot you at the intersection,” Rupesh Kumar wrote in the mail.

Uorfi Javed is known for participating in TV reality shows such as Bigg Boss OTT and MTVSplitsvillaX4. She often makes headlines for her bold choice of clothing and unfiltered remarks.

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