UP Bunkar Protest Today In Varanasi; Weavers On Yogi Adityanath Government’s Promises | Angered by the government’s promise, weavers will shut down powerlooms from tomorrow, demand from government on flat rate of electricity incomplete

Varanasi11 minutes ago

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The weavers in Kashi held a meeting on Wednesday in which it was decided that they would demonstrate from tomorrow on their demands.

  • About 30 thousand weavers in Kashi will be affected by this
  • People of electricity department are reaching home

In Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi, weavers have announced to close the powerloom again from the 15th on the flat rate of electricity. The decision has been taken in an ego meeting at the residence of Sardar of Banaras weaver fraternity Tanzeem Baisi at Shadullapura. The power which was being given to the weavers at a flat rate since 2006 by the previous government has been stopped from 1 January 2020. A shutdown has been announced to revive it.

Sardar Haji Abdul Kalam of Biradarana Tanjim Baisi told that in a meeting held with Navneet Sehgal in Lucknow on 3 September, it was decided that from January to 31 July, the old flat rate system will remain. A new plan will be made regarding the flat rate. So far no plan has been made and the weaver is getting upset.

Weaver’s plight is not hidden from anyone
Weaver fraternity Tanjim Baisi’s Sardar Haji Abdul Kalam said that today the weavers’ plight is not hidden from anyone. We all the Panchayat people demand from the government that the way weavers used to get flat rate electricity from 2006 onwards, it continues unabated and the government has every right to raise the flat rate if it is lower than before. The previous government had made a law, under that law, weavers should get electricity at flat rate.

Haji Okas Ansari said that a powerloom is available for Rs 72 at flat rate. The current government is now doing it at Rs 1500 per month, as well as a plan to collect bills from meter reading.


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