UP Coronavirus Latest Update. CM Yogi Adityanath Corona Night Curfew Lucknow prayagraj Varanasi Gorakhpur | The speed of Corona has increased many times, but will we be able to compete with just the night curfew?

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Lucknow16 minutes agoAuthor: Nagendra

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This photo is from Lucknow. These days, the most frightening situation due to increasing cases of corona is from Lucknow itself. Night curfew has been imposed here.

In Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh, a businessman was beaten to death by policemen because he did not put on a mask. They also took him to a police van and then picked him up, but were later released after an uproar and upward interference. The police were the ‘line spot’ which makes no sense. At least not in the case of penalties.

In UP’s capital Lucknow, a corona victim was ‘quarantined’ by lying on the ground at a petrol pump in a way that created a ruckus. This petrol pump is not only the busiest in the capital but at such a crossroads that is the hallmark of Lucknow. It is right at the Hazratganj intersection, just one hundred and fifty steps away from the Assembly and Secretariat.

Needless to say that all this happens in only two circumstances. In a desperation, when something is not clear. Secondly, in situations where the police or system has become autocratic. Incidentally, UP seems to balance equally on both these situations. The police has become autocratic, the entire administrative system is either desperate or frustrated or autocratic. So that he no longer has to worry about anyone. This is the second period of the Corona period, which has become more frightening than before, and the situation is so bad that no one is able to understand anything.

True, the Corona infection has broken all previous records in its return this time. Some on the lines that ‘We had given the challenge only then, if you did nothing to face that challenge then what is our fault?’ As a result, the graph of infection is seen competing every day from the previous day and only in the capital Lucknow, this number has crossed 2000, then 3000, and on Saturday it crossed the figure of 1000 after crossing 1000. Along with this, the graph of stress of people has also shown to be increased many times more than the last time. The only difference is that from the previous lesson, people are showing sense in getting treatment at home without being so terrorized and not getting entangled in the investigation, it is obviously a large number and included in the government figures. Is not.

Now that hundred or fifty doctors or medical staff are infected in KGMU, the largest medical college in the state, many doctors and medical staff including PGI director have been caught in it, it is also natural and the situation of getting treatment itself is pressurized. Too. When the innocent child of his PGI nurse does not get treatment in these conditions and he goes away from it untimely, beds are not available from government to private hospitals, only those responsible for the government machinery are seen raising their hands, In such a situation, what the public will do and what the people of the system will do can be easily understood. Just need to guess the situation behind this helplessness, which is not too difficult. Everything is very clean.

This is the same city of Lucknow, where after the initial vaccine for Corona started, after the initial failure, people took it in hand and exuded confidence in the government system. Not only this, those people also shared the photos praising the government arrangement, which usually seems to criticize the government and its schemes. It was clear that the initial system of vaccination was pleasing to the people (though there were still questions about the age-bound limits) and they were participating in it. But this confusion broke very quickly when the first announcement came that the second dose of the vaccine would now take 6 weeks instead of 4 weeks or 8 weeks. People were thinking about it, but news of the vaccine being over, falling short, started coming in, and today the situation is that all the vaccination centers in the state, including the capital, are closed due to vaccine deficiency. This is a case of corroding people’s trust in the heightened crisis of Corona. At a time when they should have shown confidence in Tantra to stand with them, this broken trust has created a big crisis.

This latest crisis of Corona is neither unexpected nor such that it cannot be avoided or reduced. The call of this crisis was heard only last year, when it was feared that a second wave might come and may be even more dangerous. But they say that in the last few years we have started focusing more on the voice of the mind, less on science and reasoning. So the mind believed that its effect would be less in summer, so there was no strategy to counter it at any level. The election that we started from Bihar is still entangled in Bengal, where neither the mask has any meaning nor the distance of two yards. Holi events also played a big role in this. In Kumbh, all the rules have become relaxed.

Now the panchayat elections in UP are creating a different atmosphere. In such a situation, the natural question is that on the one hand we are busy trying to overcome the corona by imposing night curfew, then the whole strategy of panchayat elections is seen to be worsening in the dark of night. Now in that strategy, the battle is more, so neither the masks are visible there or two yards away. Naturally, Corona is getting a full chance to expand. What is the government, there are instructions being issued from there. It is being asked to ensure the arrangement of increasing the beds. But in this system, that system does not appear anywhere which will ensure the treatment of patients lying on these enlarged beds. It is also known that a minimum of 22 medical-paramedical staff are required to run a ten-bed ICU. In such a situation, if you will increase the capacity of 10 beds to 30 but not 300 beds, then where will the trained staff handling them come from? It is not visible anywhere in the instructions or guide line. In such a situation, there will definitely be beds, but so far we have not found anyone to assure that there will be any treatment.

Night curfew in 14 cities of Uttar Pradesh

Night curfew has been imposed in 14 districts in Uttar Pradesh. These include Lucknow, Kanpur, Prayagraj, Varanasi, Meerut, Bareilly, Muzaffarnagar, Saharanpur, Ghaziabad, Noida, Moradabad, Ballia, Gorakhpur and Lalitpur.

More than 12 thousand cases in 24 hours

In the last 24 hours, there has been a significant increase in the number of corona infected patients in UP. According to new figures, 12,787 corona patients have been reported in UP, while 48 people have died. At the same time, Lucknow is on top in the entire state in case of corona infection. In the past 24, 4,059 patients have been reported in Lucknow. While 23 people have died. There are currently 58,501 active cases in the state. While the number of dead has reached 9,085.

Statistics of cases and deaths in Uttar Pradesh increased in the last 10 days

The date New cases The death
10 April 12,784 46
09 April 9,587 36
08 April 8,474 39
07 April 7,002 40
06 April 5,895 30
05 April 3,974 13
04 April 4,136 31
03 April 3,187 14
02 April 2,953 16
01 April 2,589 09

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