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UP Gangster Badan Singh Baddo Crime Story | Sanjeev Jeeva | Most wanted baddo…story of influence and crime history: 47 cases in 21 years, conviction in only one; Revenge of slap by murder – Ghaziabad News

Ghaziabad13 minutes ago

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Be it politics or contracting, the strongmen of UP have dominated everywhere. Although many mafia and gangsters of UP have been in the headlines. But there is one name which people call the biggest don of UP and that name is Badan Singh Baddo. He has been sentenced to life imprisonment, but no one knows where he is now. The government has also kept a reward of Rs 5 lakh. Baddo looks like a Hollywood actor from his lifestyle and appearance.

I am Uttar Pradesh…second part of the sixth episode of the OTT series

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