UP Kanpur Girl Murder Case Latest News And Updates: 6 Years Girl Was Gang Raped Before Murder In Kanpur Uttar Pradesh Today News And Updates | 6-year-old girl murdered in Kanpur; Strangled after raping, childless uncle and aunt had eaten baby girl

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Kanpur2 minutes ago

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(From right) Ankul and Biran have been arrested and sent to jail.

  • The case of Bhadras village of Ghatampur Kotwali area, the girl was killed on the night of Diwali, the body was found near the Kali temple
  • The nephew of the accused couple, along with their friend, went missing after raping and killing several body parts

Police have revealed a shocking heart in the murder of a six-year-old girl on the night of Diwali in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Police arrested four people, including the couple, in the case. The girl was murdered in a spell of black magic and tantra-mantra. The couple had no children, so they murdered the girl with her nephew. The nephew, along with a friend, raped the first innocent girl and strangled her to death. After this, he took out his liver (lever) and placed it in the hands of his uncle and aunt. The uncle-aunt ate the heart and fed the rest of the organ to the dog. The couple paid Rs 500 to the nephew and Rs 1000 to his friend to carry out the murder.

The girl went to the neighborhood store to get the goods, did not return again

SP villager Brijesh Srivastava said that the six-year-old daughter of a man from Bhadras village of Ghatampur police station area went to the neighborhood store on Saturday evening to take some items, but did not return home. The family kept searching for him in the night, as well as informed the police. Some people found the mutilated body of the girl near Kali temple in the morning. There were no clothes on the body. Nearly, his slippers were lying soaked with blood.

In the investigation of chance-e-crime, due to tantra-mantra, the crime was expected to be carried out. This is because the incident happened on the night of Diwali. On this day, Aghori perform cultivation rituals, another is that the dead body was found in front of the Kali temple. Several internal parts of the body were also missing.

Police received information during the investigation

During the investigation, the police got an information on the basis of which the police took Ankul and Biran into custody from the village itself. He then proceeded to conduct rigorous inquiries to collect information related to the incident. At first, the two youngsters continued to mislead the police, but eventually they broke up and told the truth in front of the police and the policemen’s tremors arose. Ankul told that uncle Parshuram had called both of them and told that he had read in a book that if a child’s heart is eaten with his wife, he will get children.

For this, Parashuram gave some money to his nephew Ankul, for which Ankul first drank liquor with his friend Biran and then brought the innocent girl who lives in the neighborhood under the pretext of getting cracker. Then according to the uncle Parshuram’s rape, he raped her first in the forest and then strangled her to death. Later, after tearing the stomach, he took out all the organs from inside and took it to uncle Parshuram. Ankul told that uncle Parshuram along with aunt ate the baby’s liver / liver and fed the rest of the body to the dog. Then tied them in polythene and thrown away. Ankul told that uncle had prepared him for this work by giving him 500 and his partner Veeran Kuril Rs. 1,000.

The nephew had prepared to bring heart in the desire of children

SP villager Brijesh Srivastava said that Parashuram, who lives in the same village, was married in 1999. But she had no child. In search of children, he prepared his nephew Ankul to bring the baby girl. Parshuram and his wife Sunaina were also fully aware of the incident. Both have been taken into custody. Right now both are being intensively questioned and at the same time, Ankul and Veeran Kuril have been arrested and sent to jail.

CM took cognizance of the incident

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had also taken cognizance of the incident. He directed the officers to arrest the accused after revealing the incident. Due to which the police of Kanpur, while showing speed, has disclosed the incident late on Monday night.


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