UP Kanpur Woman Attains Samadhi, Police Dug Out After 5 Hours | Woman took samadhi in Kanpur, the police dug up the pit and drove it out alive, angrily said – My penance was disturbed

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Kanpur26 minutes ago

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Gayavati aka Gomti, who took samadhi in a red saree.

  • Case of Madha village of Sajeti police station area
  • The whole family also supported the woman’s work

A surprising case has come up in Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Here, 52-year-old Gayawati alias Gomti, a resident of Madha village of Thana Sajeti area, took samadhi in his desire to meet Lord Bholenath. Before Samadhi, Gaiwati wore a red sari maiden and a trident in his hand. It is said that in his dream Lord Bholenath ordered him to take samadhi. But the information of the tomb was revealed to the administrative officials. Officers dug up the pit and drove the woman out and immediately admitted her to the hospital, where doctors said her health was normal. However, during this period, Gavavati was very angry. He said that his penance has been disturbed.

Lord’s command, I will not forgive

This case of superstition is on Wednesday. The police had to fight hard to get Gayawati alias Gomti out of the tomb. During this time, when Gaya was forcibly taken out of the mausoleum and preparations were made to take her to the hospital, an angry Gaya was told by the police that Prabhu was there. Together you have disturbed my penance. This is not fixed. God will not forgive anyone. Everyone will get equal punishment.

Police dug a pit and got the woman out.

Police dug a pit and got the woman out.

Samadhi is taking for 5 years

Gayaawati’s husband Ramsajivan, who is surrounded by superstition, told that she is not doing this for the first time. Every year Gomti used to take a 24-hour samadhi. Before taking samadhi, there was ritual worship in the house by law. Ramasjeevan, last year, the woman has been sacrificing food, water for 2 months and reciting pooja. But this time the administration has reached the information of taking Samadhi and has dissolved the worship text of the wife.

The villagers say that the family also supports her in accomplishing this work of Gaiwati. Due to which Gomti announced on Tuesday that she will take samadhi for 48 hours. He has orders from Bholenath. After this, the family members dug a deep pit more than 5 feet wide on a platform by putting tents outside the house and after making all the arrangements, after this, the woman dressed in a red sari, wearing a crown in her head and carrying a trident in her hand She sat in the pit. Gaiyawati talks to Lord Bholenath and also troubleshoots people’s problems. For which, due to the arrival of people from far and wide outside his house, the crowd remains and people have to wait for hours to meet Gomti.

A crowd of villagers on the spot.

A crowd of villagers on the spot.

What did SDM say?

SDM Arun Srivastava said that in time the woman has been taken out of the pit and admitted to the hospital for treatment. The woman’s condition is normal. It is learned from the villagers that due to superstition, he told that God had ordered him to take samadhi in his dream. So they have done so.


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