UP Lucknow Night Curfew Ground Report Update; Shops Started Shutting Down An Hour Earlier In Lucknow | Shops started shutting down an hour earlier, police tightening on the streets; Shopkeepers say – Bus lockdown should not be imposed

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Police team interrogating people on road during night curfew at polytechnic intersection of Ghazipur police station area.

There was talk of lockdown in the city as soon as the night curfew was announced from 9 am to 6 am in the Municipal Corporation area of ​​Lucknow. People are beginning to suspect that if the Corona situation does not improve soon, a lockdown may also take place. At the same time, the police also completed their preparations. The shopkeepers of the city’s big market were instructed to close the shops at 9 o’clock. Which also showed its effect. At 9 o’clock in the night, there was a silence in Lucknow. Yes … small and big vehicles were seen filling the streets. Dainik Bhaskar inspected 7 areas of the capital on the first day of the night curfew. a report….

Hazratganj: Patrolling of policemen seen in the market, silence in the market only at 9 o’clock

At 9 o’clock on Thursday night, the market of Hazratganj, called the heart of the capital Lucknow, was completely closed after seeing it. People here roam and shop till 11 o’clock on normal days. ADCP Chiranjeevi Nath Sinha and Hazratganj Kotwal, Shyam Babu Shukla, went on a walk with the Mahila Force, announcing the mike to close the market. As the police team on foot from Kotwali proceeded towards the Sahu cinema through the Halwasia intersection, the Mayfair intersection, the shops on both sides appeared to be closed. Only vehicles coming from the intersection looked desperate to reach their destination.

Janpath Market in Hazratganj.

Janpath Market in Hazratganj.

There was complete silence in Narhi’s street market. While a few shops were open, the police explained to them that they said that the shop should be closed soon. Srichand Tiloni, the owner of the 40-year-old shop New Indus Stall at Hazratganj intersection, says that there should be strictness, only then can coronavirus be avoided, but this strictness makes it difficult for us to run a family. Night curfew is being seen once again. The only blessing from the top is that the lockdown does not take place and the situation that has worsened with Corona should improve again.

Hazratganj police team doing the patrolling.

Hazratganj police team doing the patrolling.

Charbag railway station, bus station hall

Outside the Charbagh railway station, adorned with colorful lights, only auto-tempo and commuters were visible. At present, that crowd was not visible, which was being seen at Charbagh railway station in normal days. Policemen were standing on the road turning towards Charbagh railway station, who were asking the people to come and the reason for coming to the station. There was complete silence at the Charbagh tempo stand, some passengers who came by train were auto booked and were going to their home. Similarly, passengers were seen at Charbagh bus station. More than 60 hotel restaurants, which used to be open till late night, between the market going from Charbagh to Pan Dariba, were closed by 9 o’clock. This is the market where travelers and people of Lucknow come to dine till 3 in the night.

View of Charbagh railway station.

View of Charbagh railway station.

Kaiserbagh market, the market of medicine market of Aminabad

The market of Aminabad, which is said to be the most posh area of ​​the city, was closed prematurely despite being a Thursday. Where in the market place where there was no foot in the day, before 9 o’clock in the night, there was a bit of silence. The medicine market here also closed, which used to close from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm. Hewett Road, Shri Ram Road, Aminabad Park’s market roads were completely transformed into silence. In addition to the police at the Kaiserbagh intersection, vehicles carrying traffic were seen coming. Outside the Anand Cinema Hall and the Shubham Cinema Hall, there were no carts of nominal standing.

Medicine Market, Kaiserbagh, Aminabad.

Medicine Market, Kaiserbagh, Aminabad.

There was silence even in Bhootnath market

Bhootnath market of Indiranagar is called Mini Hazratganj. In the afternoon, crowds are seen here, but due to the night curfew, shops were closed before time. Shopkeepers believe that it is time for dedication, it is still okay at night. But if the day’s lockdown is felt then there will be many losses as last time. However, a very small number of visitors to the place were seen. At the Jugauli crossing, policemen were seen doing barricading and checking. Policemen believe that awareness is not visible right now. Therefore it is necessary to investigate. However, most of the same people are coming out of the job.

Silent silence in Bhootnath Market.

Silent silence in Bhootnath Market.

Chalt initiative in Gomtinagar area also closed prematurely

At the Manish Eating Point at the Journalistpuram intersection in Gomtinagar, the crowd of non-living lovers remains normally till 12 pm, while the Journalistpuram market is also closed at 11 o’clock. But before 9 o’clock on Thursday, silence fell on the road. Like it is 1 o’clock in the night. Some policemen standing at the police checkpoint appeared to be interrogating the visitors. Similarly, Hussadia and Hahnemann intersection also happened. All shops remained closed. Those who walked in Gomtinagar area till 11 pm also disappeared today.

There was complete silence at Selfie Point at the 1090 intersection of Gomti Nagar.

There was complete silence at Selfie Point at 1090 intersection of Gomti Nagar.

Shadow silence from Chinhat Bazaar to BBD

Chinhat Bazaar of Lucknow, where the biggest vegetable market of Gomtinagar area is found. People keep shopping here till 11 o’clock at night. Here too the market was closed before time. A shopkeeper told that the vegetable market of Chinhat is decorated only in the evening. People return from Kamdham to buy vegetables and go home, but had to stop early today. Although this restriction is still for 8 days, but look no further. At the same time, a shopping complex on the lake of Kathouta where youths sit in the evening. There was silence too. Policemen were also seen checking.

Passengers waiting for the vehicle at the polytechnic intersection.

Passengers waiting for the vehicle at the polytechnic intersection.

Checking with full force by SHO at polytechnic intersection of Ghazipur police station area.

Checking with full force by SHO at polytechnic intersection of Ghazipur police station area.

Only the movement of big vehicles was seen

The market in front of BBD University located on Faizabad Road, where youths always used to be Jamawada till 12 noon, there was silence at 8.30 at night. Actually, this area student is a multiplicity. Due to which the BBD market is crowded till late night. Apart from the shops of veg and non-veg, there are many Chinese and many kinds of food and other shops as well as a Crown Mall. Where the youth keeps outing but today there was silence. Only the movement of small vehicles was seen on Faizabad Road.

BBD Market lying unoccupied.  Vehicles were seen running on the highway.

BBD market lying unoccupied. Vehicles were seen running on the highway.

Police commissioner came out late night to know the condition of the city

On the first night of the night curfew in the city, several officers including Lucknow Police Commissioner DK Thakur and Lucknow’s Mandalayukta went out to inspect Hazratganj intersection, 1090 intersection and Gomti Nagar. Police Commissioner DK Thakur says that it has been decided by the regime to impose a night curfew in view of the growing Corona epidemic. In order to comply with this, a team has been set up to close the intersection and markets in the Lucknow Municipal Corporation area from 9:00 am to 6:00 am by the police. Peacefully all the markets of the city have been closed, but no complaint of any kind has come to the fore.

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