UP Lucknow Shooter Girdhari Encounter News; Who is Girdhari? All You Need To Know | The first murder of 16 years ago, the ‘Aaka’ also found a new one as soon as the power changed The crime was famous by the nickname ‘Doctor’

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Girdhari, who was killed in an encounter with the Lucknow police on Sunday night, was adept at changing his clothes. – File Photo

  • Girdhari Vishwakarma, a resident of Varanasi, was involved in the murder of Ajit Singh
  • Arrested from Rohini in Delhi on 11 February, there were many names like Blacksmith, Doctor, Tagger, DM, Robinhood

On 5 January, the gang war in Vibhutkhand, a posh area of ​​the capital Lucknow, raised questions on the law and order of the entire state. During this period Ajit Singh, former block chief and history-sheeter of Mau district, was shot dead. On Sunday night, the Lucknow Police killed the criminal Girdhari aka Doctor, who was involved in this gang war, in an encounter. Girdhari was active in Jarayam’s world for 29 years. He was adept at running with both hands. He was named Doctor because he used to shoot in a part of the body where he died instantly after being hit.

The crime diary of 12 big cities including Lucknow, Varanasi, Delhi may have recorded his real name Girdhari Vishwakarma. But he had many names in the world of crime. He was known as Girdhari Blacksmith, Doctor, Tagger, DM, Robinhood.

Girdhari was arrested in Delhi at the behest of ‘Bahubali Aaka’

Shooter Girdhari’s target was infallible. He carried out the killing with a betel nut. Varanasi police was also looking for him. Girdhari murdered day-to-day contractor Nitish Singh on 30 December 2019 at Sadar Tehsil Complex in Varanasi. After this, his name became one of the biggest criminals in the state. For more than a month after the murder of Ajit Singh, the UP police kept searching for him. But on 11 January, Delhi Police arrested in Rohini area in film style. However it was considered a surrender. There is a discussion that at the behest of Girdhari’s ‘Bahubali Aaka’, Girdhari arrested himself in Delhi. He probably knew that if the UP police caught him, he would have an encounter. Finally, in an attempt to escape from the police custody, Girdhari was killed by the UP police in Lucknow on Sunday night.

Girdhari killed in an encounter at the same site in Vineet section of Lucknow.

Girdhari killed in an encounter at the same site in Vineet section of Lucknow.

The first murder was 16 years ago
Girdhari Vishwakarma, a native of Lakhanpur of Cholapur police station in Varanasi, has been active in the world since 2001. The first case of robbery was registered against Girdhari in 2001. By the year 2000, Girdhari was a protégé of a white collar in the Cholapur region and his name cropped up in petty quarrels.

People say that Girdhari also had a small shop before the white collar came under his protection. After this he came in contact with the white-collar men of Jaunpur and Azamgarh. After killing in the Kerakat area of ​​Jaunpur in 2005, Girdhari became notorious in the world of jaramayad as a sharp shooter with both hands. In the year 2010, a reward of 50 thousand was declared on Girdhari. After this, when Nitesh was killed in 2019, a reward of one lakh was declared on him.

Girdhari used to change friendship with ‘honorable’ with change of power
Girdhari was very vicious not only with his face but also with his mind. He knew how to escape from the police very well, and whoever has the government in the state used to befriend the leaders of the same party. After assassinating Vijay Gupta in 2005 in Jaunpur, the election of the chairman, he struck up a friendship with the then MP, who remained uncontested. After this, after the formation of the BSP government in 2007, he strengthened the relationship with the ruling MLA from Azamgarh. But as the government changed in 2012, it became hostile to it. Then he got close to SP MLA from Azamgarh. If the government changed in 2017, Girdhari also changed his position. Now he had become a terror in the world of Jarayam, under the shelter of the ruling MLA of Chandauli.

People associated with politics are the most victimized
According to information received from sources, Girdhari Vishwakarma was also called the doctor of the world of Jarayam. He knew which part of the body shot instantly kills him. Therefore, to kill people associated with politics, he was given a supari to kill him. All the killings he has done so far in Jaunpur, Azamgarh, Mau, Varanasi, Lucknow were all people connected with politics. In 2005, Girdhari Lohar murdered the chairman’s brother Vijay Gupta in Jaunpur.

This was followed by the murder of Nandu Singh in Maui’s Ghosi in 2008, Damru Singh’s murder in Jeyanpur of Azamgarh in 2011, the murder of Sunil Singh in Kotwali area of ​​Mau in 2010, the murder of BSP MLA Sarvesh Singh alias Sipu in 2013, Varanasi in 2019. Nitesh Singh was murdered and former block chief Ajit Singh was murdered in Lucknow in 2020. One thing has been decided, after the killing of Girdhari and Kanhaiya, many murders will leave the real secret open.

Police force is stationed at the encounter site.

Police force is stationed at the encounter site.


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