UP Mathura Rain Latest News Update; Woman dies, three children injured as roof Collapse Today In Uttar Pradesh District | Woman dies, three children injured as ravine roof falls in rain; 5 thousand were collected by the Principal Representative in the name of providing housing

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  • UP Mathura Rain Latest News Update; Woman Dies, Three Children Injured As Roof Collapse Today In Uttar Pradesh District

Mathura18 minutes ago

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In Mathura, a woman died after being buried under a rubble due to the collapse of a kutcha house on Sunday night.

  • Jagrupa village case in Mont Block
  • Audio of Principal Revealed

A crude house collapsed in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh on Sunday night. Under whose rubble, a woman died. While three children were injured. The case is of Jagrupa village in Mont Block. After informing the police after the accident, the body remained in the village all night. The SDM, who arrived in the morning, has assured the victim family to get four lakh rupees from the disaster fund. But the corruption and negligence prevailing in the system is also exposed. The principal representative took a bribe of five thousand rupees to get the woman a government accommodation. Whose audio has also surfaced. The SDM has also assured to investigate the allegations.

The roof of the house collapsed.

The roof of the house collapsed.

Family is landless, house collapsed in rain

Lalitesh, a resident of Majra Nagla Jagrupa of village panchayat Sikanderpur, is landless. The only support for the maintenance of the family is wages. He is survived by his wife Meena (33 years), a daughter and two sons. Lalitesh’s raw dilapidated house collapsed due to rain on Sunday night. Wife Meena and her three children were buried under the rubble. On being informed of the accident, the people of the neighborhood reached the spot and removed the debris and took out the four. But Meena was dead. All three children were taken out in the hospital.

Lalitesh works hard to feed the family.

Lalitesh works hard to feed the family.

Mother-in-law of the deceased accused of bribery, Principal representative accepted

The children were treated at home due to excess of night. Meanwhile, after the accident, villagers reached the police station with the body of Meena and informed them about the incident. But on reaching the police station, the police told them to take the dead body to the village itself. On which the rural woman brought Meena’s body to her house. Meena’s body remained at home all night. By morning, a crowd of people gathered in the village. At which the Principal Representative also reached the accident site. The mother-in-law of the deceased told that the house was old and the principal representative had taken Rs 5000. Even after that, he was constantly getting assurances and now this accident happened. At the same time, Principal Representative Shashi Kumar says that he had given Rs 5000 to Adao Prempal to pass the house.

Principal Representative Shashi Kumar.

Principal Representative Shashi Kumar.


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