UP Moradabad Night Curfew Latest Update; CCTV Footage Of Man Betean By Police For Not Wearing Mask | If not wearing a mask in Moradabad, then ran away with pistol, assaulted women

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MoradabadOne hour ago

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The pistol is seen in the hand of the inspector. When the young man’s sister came to the rescue, the inspector also tuned him.

A new form of police came into view during the night curfew in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. When the police found a young man without a mask on Monday night, he beat him fiercely. During the beating, the clothes of the young man also got ripped off. When the young man tried to run away from the police, the inspector ran after him with a pistol. After seeing this form of police, the sister of the young man who came to rescue, also pushed and dropped her on the ground. The inspector also beat up the women. This entire incident is captured in CCTV. Police has registered a case against the youth. The entire matter is from the police station area of ​​Katghar.

A young man fell while running away
In fact, around ten o’clock in the night, Sarai Chowki Incharge Sub Inspector Mayank Goyal was checking the masks with his fellow policemen for not wearing a mask, when a young man named Wasim was coming from his scooty without a mask. When the police asked the reason for not applying the mask, the policemen and Wasim got into trouble on this matter. After this, the policemen started beating with Wasim’s baton. Seeing Wasim being beaten, his brother came to the rescue. Somehow, Wasim tried to escape from the clutches of the police, then his clothes were ripped off. Behind Wasim, who was running towards the house, Mayank, the outpost incharge, took out his pistol and ran after him like a vicious criminal.

Outpost incharge pushed Wasim’s sister as well
When the police were beating Wasim under her house, Shazia, Wasim’s sister too, came down to save her. But the garrison in-charge of her uniform, with the pistol in her hand, pushed her in the outpost and she fell to the ground. After the assault on the policemen, Wasim escaped from the spot to save his life. Outpost incharge Mayank gave information at the Katghar police station and called the police. Katghar Police Station Incharge Gajendra Singh has also reached the spot to arrest Wasim’s house for his arrest.

Wasim’s sister told you past
Wasim’s sister Shazia says that my brother had gone to Namaz, while returning home, the policemen beat him up. Wasim did not put on a mask. After that, after coming with the pistol, running after him, when he came down on the information, he also pushed me. After that when those people came to the house, they beat me and my mother there too.

Policemen beating the young man.

Policemen beating the young man.

SP City rescues policemen

Superintendent of Police of Moradabad Nagar Amit Anand, through social media, issued a statement defending the policemen. He said that the policemen were indecent during the checking. In this case, a case has been registered in the Katghar police station and the search for the accused has been started.

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