UP – Rising Case Lead to change in medical strategy – Genome sequencing will be done for a selective sample out of the corona positive cases | Corona positive, selective sample coming soon will have genome sequencing

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Now selective positive in UP

Amidst the increasing corona infection in UP, now the focus of the health department is shifting from genome sequencing. 90 percent of the cases in the state are said to be infected with the new variant of Corona, Omicron. Under the changed strategy, now only samples of more serious or hospitalized infected people will be sent for genome sequencing. If the top officials of the health department are to be believed, then the Omicron variant is behind this uncontrollable speed of Corona. Earlier, it was said to conduct genome sequencing of all positive cases of corona, although the speed of corona infection increased so much that sequencing of all samples could not be done.

Only samples of corona infected serious patients will be sent to the lab for genome sequencing

State Nodal Officer, Kovid Management, Uttar Pradesh, Dr. Vikasendu Agarwal said that most of the positive samples in the state are being confirmed in the genome sequencing report of the Omicron variant. This is the reason that now there is no need to conduct genome sequencing of samples of all infected. Genome sequencing will be done only of such patients who are more serious or have been admitted to the hospital for treatment. He also added that genome sequencing involves in-depth sampling of samples and takes several days to complete this very subtle test. The trend of rapidly increasing cases is understood and now the focus will be on its prevention and treatment. He claimed that Omicron has now replaced the Delta variant among corona patients in the state.

More than ten thousand active cases in Gautam Budh Nagar and Lucknow

Corona infection in UP is increasing many times faster than expected. On Wednesday, the number of active cases of corona in 12 districts of the state was above one thousand, the next day i.e. on Friday, there were more than thousand active cases in 16 districts. Out of these, there are more than ten thousand active cases in Gautam Budh Nagar and Lucknow. The total number of active patients in the state has crossed 71 thousand.

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