UP Varanasi Airport Latest News Updates. Gurugram Man Tried to Open Emergency Gate Mid Air Delhi Varanasi Spicejet Flight Arrested | Suddenly the passenger started opening the emergency gate of the aircraft, the crew member caught; Police bid – was in depression due to girlfriend’s leaving

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Accused Gaurav was nabbed in the plane.

  • Uproar in the man’s actions and aircraft, somehow found to be under control
  • After landing in Varanasi, the accused was handed over to the CISF, the police acted

A young man in a SpiceJet plane coming from New Delhi to Varanasi suddenly tried to open the emergency gate. Seeing this, there was a stir among the passengers aboard the plane. Crew members overcame it with the help of other passengers. On landing in Varanasi, he was handed over to the CISF. Later, the police challaned him in Shantibhang. The accused has got bail. Police say that the girlfriend of the accused young man has left her. Therefore he was in depression.

The accused youth living in Gurugram

In fact, on Saturday, Spice Jet flight from New Delhi flew to Varanasi at 2.22 pm. In this aircraft, apart from Gaurav Khanna, hailing from Gurugram, Haryana, there were 89 passengers at that time. According to the information, the aircraft was at an altitude of about 23 thousand feet in the sky. Suddenly Gaurav Khanna got up from his seat and reached close to the emergency gate and started trying to open it. Seeing this, other passengers got nervous and started making noise. Quickly, the crew members and some passengers aboard the plane caught him.

The crew member tried to convince him, but he did not believe, then held him for about 40 minutes. The pilot reported this uproar to Air Traffic Control. He was assigned to the CISF with the landing of the aircraft at Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport in Varanasi. He was then taken to Pindra Health Center to have his health tested. The local police chased the accused Gaurav Khanna in breach of peace.

Police handover

At the same time, Direct Akash Deep Mathur of Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport said that there was a case of an uproar in the plane. It is the case on Saturday afternoon. The aircraft landed here at 3.40 AM. The accused was handed over to the police.

There were 89 passengers on the plane at the time of the incident.

There were 89 passengers on the plane at the time of the incident.

Went to his house after getting bail
Phulpur SO Durgesh said that the mental condition of the accused youth was not good. Her father has died in the family and there have been reports of girlfriends leaving. He was in depression due to this. He was invoiced in 151. He has been sent to Gurgaon after getting bail.

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