Upgrading system will save 70% time, will help in getting people alive from debris. Upgrade system will save 70% time, will help in extracting alive people from debris

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The location of absconding builder Fahad Yazdani has been found in West UP. The police is also keeping an eye on those who gave him shelter.

In the Ayala apartment accident in Lucknow, hi-tech technology helped in saving lives. With the help of hyper sensitivity audio receptor system, NDRF got the location of three people buried under the debris. After which the rescue operation was further intensified. At the same time, other people buried in the debris were discovered through Victim Location Cameras (VL Camera). Know the location of all these. After that, they were extracted by cutting the roof through hand drill machines.

People buried with hyper sensitivity audio receptor system gave the location

With the help of this device, Miland Raj got three women in the debris to talk to the police and their relatives.

With the help of this device, Miland Raj got three women in the debris to talk to the police and their relatives.

Robotic scientist Miland Raj told that he had reached the spot on the information of the collapse of Alaya’s apartment. Where the people buried in the debris were used the hyper sensitivity audio receptor system, a device made by them. Through this, he cut the roof and inserted the device down through a six to seven mm hole. After which people were contacted. An attempt was made to talk to him. During this, two women buried in the debris said that they themselves were buried in the debris. Also told that the roof has fallen on them. There is no wall around. After which the NDRF removed the debris and pulled out the three women. He says that if nano and micro robots are used in the rescue operation, then soon the exact location of the people buried in the debris can be found. So that people can be taken out in time. Due to which the chances of saving their lives will be doubled.

NDAAF used live sensor

NDRF rescued the people buried under the debris and pulled them out.

NDRF rescued the people buried under the debris and pulled them out.

NDRF Commandant MK Sharma told that through the team live sensor, it is known whether there is a human being in a closed place or not. The team hung these sensors down by making holes in the debris. From wherever the presence of people was confirmed. Cameras were inserted there, which rotate at 360 degrees. Due to this, the location of the people trapped there was known. About seven hundred jawans took command, a total of four teams of NDRF were engaged in the rescue. In which there are 140 soldiers. Four teams of SDRF were also deployed. There are a total of 200 jawans in it. Similarly, about 200 police and 150 firemen took charge of the rescue operation. Officers of all departments were continuously present at the spot during the rescue operation. The entire operation went on under his supervision.

The builder who made Alaya Apartment got the location in western UP
Builder Fahad Yazdani, accused of Alaya apartment accident, is still away from the grip of the police. Its location has been found in Western UP. Even after five days of the accident, the police have not been able to arrest him.

The Hazratganj police had booked former SP minister Shahid Manzoor’s son Nawazish Shahid, nephew Mohammad Tahir and builder Fahad Yazdani under sections including culpable homicide after the collapse of the five-storey Alaya apartment on Wazir Hasan Road. Police has arrested Nawazish and Tahir and sent them to jail. Fahad is absconding. Fahad’s last location has been reported to be found in Bijnor.

Police took documents related to the apartment from LDA, investigation intensified
The police have written in the FIR that the apartment was illegal. Didn’t even have a map. Substandard construction material was used, due to which it collapsed. Police has also started collecting evidence related to this. DCP Central Aparna Rajat Kaushik told that all the documents related to this building have been taken from LDA. Some are left, that too will be taken into possession as soon as possible. These will be included as evidence in the deliberations.

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