UPSC Toppers Ishita Kishore, Uma Harti And Garima Lohia Share Their Mantra To Succeed

Garima Lohia, a resident of Bihar’s Buxar, secured second rank in UPSC.

Ishita Kishore, who secured the first rank in UPSC, cleared the exam on her third attempt. She is a graduate of Delhi University.

The UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) 2022 results were released recently. Ishita Kishore got the first rank, Garima Lohia second, Uma Harti N third and Smriti Mishra was on the fourth spot. Toppers tips have always proven to be useful for the youth pursuing UPSC. Recently, the three toppers have given some important tips for UPSC aspirants.

Ishita Kishore, who secured the first rank in UPSC, said that she always got full support from her family. When she failed in the first two attempts, her family did not feel disheartened; they stood by her side and encouraged her. Ishita added that discipline and the habit of continuous study are very important to succeed in UPSC. She used to read up to 8 to 9 hours consistently. Ishita completed her graduation in economics from Delhi University. In 2019, she quit her job to prepare for the UPSC.

Garima Lohia, a resident of Biharโ€™s Buxar, secured second rank in UPSC 2022. Garima said that she prepared by staying at home. She further said that the place did not matter. โ€œPrepare where you feel comfortable. But choose the correct study material,” she added. Garima advised that one should focus on the basic resources that have to be read. They need to read them again and again. Along with this, consistency and discipline are also very important. โ€œIf you feel like crying when you are disappointed, then cry. But after that, you have to start studying again,” Garima said.

Uma Harathi N, who ranked third in the UPSC examination, cleared this exam on her fifth attempt and shared in a media interaction, โ€œItโ€™s okay to fail. I had so many failures. Simply be proud of yourself.” She added that it had been a lengthy and difficult process but a fantastic journey. โ€œYou must discover yourself and learn from your mistakes,” Uma advised.

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