‘Urdu is the language of India, not of Pakistan’: Javed Akhtar said – There is no relation between religion and language, we should give importance to Urdu

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Javed Akhtar and his wife Shabana Azmi recently launched an Urdu album ‘Shairana – Sartaj’. In this event, Javed Akhtar talked about the importance of Urdu language. He said that Urdu is the language of India. Those who believe that Urdu is related to Pakistan, think wrong. Pakistan also emerged only after partition. Javed Akhtar believes that any language has nothing to do with any particular religion.

Urdu is the language of India.
Javed Akhtar said in this event, ‘Urdu has not come from any other place. This is the language of our India. It is not spoken outside India. It is not the language of Pakistan or Egypt. Pakistan also did not exist before. That too has come from India only. According to Javed Akhtar, Punjab has a big role in the development of Urdu.

Young generation should speak Hindi and Urdu – Javed
Javed Akhtar said, ‘Why did we leave this language (Urdu), because of Pakistan? If Pakistan says that Kashmir belongs to it, will you accept it? Similarly, Urdu is also a language of India, on which all of us should pay attention.

Nowadays the new generation focuses more on English. Young generation and people speak less Urdu and Hindi. We should talk in Hindi because it is our national language. Javed Akhtar also said that language is not related to any particular religion but is based on regions. If language was related to religion, then only one language would have been spoken in the whole of Europe.

Told Pakistan at his house true falsehood
Javed Akhtar reached the ‘Faiz Festival’ in Lahore, Pakistan from 17 to 19 February. There a program was organized in the memory of Urdu poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. During this, the anchor told Javed Akhtar that Pakistan is a very friendly, loving and positive country. We don’t throw bombs, we wear flowers and love too. What are his thoughts on this?

Javed Akhtar had said on this, ‘We are the people of Bombay, we saw how our city was attacked. Those people (terrorists) did not come from Norway, nor did they come from Egypt. Those people are still roaming in your country. So if this complaint is in the heart of every Indian, then you should not feel bad.

Javed Akhtar had reached the 'Faiz Festival' in Lahore, Pakistan.  There, he had spoken out against Pakistan for giving shelter to terrorists.

Javed Akhtar had reached the ‘Faiz Festival’ in Lahore, Pakistan. There, he had spoken out against Pakistan for giving shelter to terrorists.

The creation of Pakistan is a mistake.
Javed Akhtar was also questioned on the formation of Pakistan. In response, he said, ‘No religion makes a country, if it were so, the whole of the Middle East would be one country and the whole of Europe would also come under one country. The creation of Pakistan was a mistake, but cannot be changed now.

If seen today, there are no Ahmadiyya and Shia Muslims in Pakistan because they were rejected from there. Today we are also doing what he did 70 years ago. Today you also want a Hindu nation, I say that what they could not do, what the world could not do, what will you do.

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