US coronavirus adviser Scott Atlas quits – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Dr Scott Atlas has resigned as special adviser on the coronavirus to President Trump, a White House official said on Monday, after a controversial four months during which he clashed repeatedly with other members of the coronavirus task force.
โ€œI am writing to resign from my position as special adviser to the president of the US,โ€ Atlas said in a letter to Trump dated December 1 that he posted on Twitter. Public health experts, including Anthony Fauci, the leading US infectious disease expert, have sharply criticised Atlas, a neuro-radiologist, for providing Trump with misleading information on the pandemic.
โ€œDr Scott Atlasโ€™ resignation today is long overdue and underscores the triumph of science and truth over falsehoods and misinformation,โ€ his peers at Stanford Universityโ€™s medical school said in a statement. Atlas has repeatedly downplayed the importance of masks and this month said lockdowns had been โ€œan epic failureโ€ in stopping the spread of the virus.


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