US Prez Biden Keeps People Guessing about Reelection Bid as He Attends Fundraisers: Report

Last Updated: January 27, 2023, 07:09 IST

Washington, United States

Joe Biden will attend two fundraisers next week to attract funds for the Democratic Party but remains tight-lipped about his reelection prospects (Image: Reuters)

A report by the AFP said that Biden will meet wealthy donors next week in New York and Philadelphia to convince them to donate to the Democratic Party

US President Joe Biden โ€” who has not yet announced any plans to run for reelection, though heโ€™s openly considering another campaign โ€” will attend two Democratic fundraising events next week, a party source told AFP.

Biden will head to New York on Tuesday and Philadelphia on Friday to meet with wealthy supporters, hoping to convince them to donate to the Democratic Party ahead of the 2024 elections.

Such fundraisers are essential in American political campaigns, which are fueled by hundreds of millions of dollars in private donations.

Despite Bidenโ€™s official silence, the structure of a presidential run is slowly taking form around him.

In December, the president convinced the Democrats to change up their primary schedule to a configuration that could give more power to Black voters, a bloc that proved indispensable for Bidenโ€™s 2020 win over Donald Trump.

Biden, who at 80 is already the oldest sitting US president, has so far only said he โ€œintends” to run again, and has promised he will make his final 2024 decision public early this year.

Political observers predict he could make an announcement after his State of the Union speech, when US presidents traditionally lay out their upcoming political agenda to a joint session of Congress โ€” scheduled for February 7.

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