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US Razors Company Faces Boycott Calls For Working With A Transgender Creator – News18

Last Updated: August 08, 2023, 14:50 IST

Harry’s partnered with Luke Wesley Pearson, a trans man, to endorse their latest line of razors. (Credits: Twitter)

The move has ignited controversy as people are accusing the brand of being woke, while many are demanding a complete ban.

Harry’s, a prominent American brand known for making grooming products for men, partnered with Luke Wesley Pearson, a transgender man, to endorse their latest line of razors. Pearson unveiled this collaboration through an Instagram video, sparking debate among social media users. This collaboration has been compared with Bud Light’s previous campaign with a transgender woman, which faced a ban in March. Now, as Harry’s trying to make a progressive move, it has ignited controversy as people are accusing the brand of being woke and many are demanding a complete ban.

The campaign stirred up more frustration because Luke mentioned that the profits will be going to the Trevor Project, an organization promoting and supporting gender transitioning. Twitter page End Wokeness shared the clip of Luke using the razor with his girlfriend, they wrote, “Harry’s Razors partnered with a ‘trans man’ (female) to promote their razor set. 100% of the profits from this set go to the Trevor Project, which promotes gender surgeries for minors.”

Matt Walsh, a prominent author and activist, has voiced his strong opposition to the woke campaign by Harry’s. He accuses the brand of glorifying self-mutilation as a marketing strategy to boost razor sales. “We’ve taken down Bud Light. Now it’s Harry’s turn,” he tweeted.

Media personality Ben Shapiro too expressed his perspective on the matter and revealed this is the reason they had launched a website against the brand.

Criticism against Harry’s campaign continues to grow, as more social media users join in and expressed their dissatisfaction with the brand. Below are more reactions.

Meanwhile, there are people who have stepped forward and supported the company’s decision to include a Transgender man in their campaign. The supporters highlight the crucial role that the Trevor Project plays in preventing suicide and providing support for LGBTQ youth.

In recent years, numerous brands have faced the wrath of social media users for their attempts to use the LGBTQ community for profit. Target, another American brand, found itself in the spotlight due to its Pride-themed attire for children in June. Similarly, Bud Light faced controversy and was banned due to their ad featuring transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney. Hershey’s also sparked outrage with a campaign that featured a transgender social justice worker.

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