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Indians have always taken interest in the US presidential elections. However, in the current elections, Indians in India as well as in the USA are as much divided between Biden and Trump as are the Americans. The result of the elections would have a significant effect on the domestic and foreign policies of the USA and the relationship between the two countries. The results could also seriously affect the global geopolitical situation and the Chinese economic and military position with a serious implications for India.

The American news media was previously well regarded for objective and unbiased news reporting and articles. However, over the years, due to the increasing leftist control, the news media has been continually becoming very biased towards certain people and ideology.  In general, it has become anti America, Israel and India.  The news media has become hysterically anti-Trump. I still like the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN, however, they are the worst examples of biased reporting. They twist everything against President Trump.

Yes, President Trump has done a lot of stupid things and issued irresponsible tweets and statements, however, he has done a lot of good and historically important things which are either unnoticed, twisted or lightly reported.  Examples:  are trade negotiations with Canada, European Union, Mexico and China resulting in great benefits to the USA.  He achieved historical landmarks by negotiating a deal between Israel and two Arab Countries, UAE and Bahrain. He has quietened North Korea and Iran to a great extent.

The reporting about the Vice-Presidential debate held on October 7, has been very disappointing.  Although Senator Kamala Harris, whose mother migrated from India and attended UC Berkeley (I also migrated from India and attended UC Berkeley in the 1960s), did fairly well in the debate, contrary to certain assertions, she did not win the debate.  Even though I do not agree with some of her positions, I am proud of her for being nominated as a Vice President candidate and hope she wins.  I watched the entire debate and found that Vice President Pence was a clear winner.

Ms. Harris discomfort was very obvious from her body language, showing her movements right, left and upwards from her chair. She made it worse with her frequent “smirky” smiles while Pence’s smile was mild and reflective of his comfortable posture. Couple of times when Pence did not answer uncomfortable questions, instead of pointing out that and hammering Pence on those issues, she got into Pence’s trap and started answering Pence’s comments unrelated to the questions.  One of the glaring issues was the question related to the Affordable Care Act.  Ms. Harris missed the chance.

Except for some comments, most of the other comments in the Washington Post were appreciative of Senator Harris and declared her the winner. In her op-ed in the Post, Ms Norris even defended Ms. Harris’ “smirks” as a rebuke to male dominance. The issue is not male vs. female, the issue is who should run the country. It is possible that Ms. Harris may become President in the near future. Therefore, she should try to maintain a comfortable posture as did Mr. Pence.  One commentator correctly stated that Mr. Pence bulldozed Ms. Harris. However, I should commend both for a relatively decent debate which was won by Vice President Pence.

Things were already going against Trump/Pence; now Trump’s Covid-19 illness has made it worse for them. Mr. Trump has started emphasizing his last weapon alleging that Ms. Harris, a Communist/Socialist would become the President; the undertone is a woman, that too a non-white, would become the President and the Commander-in-Chief of the USA, is not very palatable to a large number of Americans. This may tilt the situation in Mr. Trump’s favor. Still, I believe Biden/Harris have a better chance.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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