Used to sell by changing number plates, 4 stolen bikes recovered | Used to sell by changing the number plate, 4 stolen bikes recovered

Sitapur5 minutes ago

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2 vehicle thieves arrested in Sitapur.

Sitapur Police busted the vehicle thief gang on Saturday. Police arrested two non-district vehicle thieves and recovered 4 stolen bikes and one e-rickshaw from their possession. According to the police, both the arrested accused are residents of Barabanki. They used to steal vehicles by doing recce in Barabanki and adjoining districts.

Police caught after being suspicious while doing recce

Please tell that the matter is of Mahmudabad Kotwali area. Here the police caught two thieves after they looked suspicious while doing the recce. When the police strictly interrogated both the accused, their truth came to the fore. According to the police, one of the two arrested accused is Islamuddin and the other Vinod Sharma. Both of them are residents of Barabanki. On their behest, the police recovered four stolen bikes from Lucknow and Sitapur. Along with this, an e-rickshaw has also been recovered.

Bike theft was happening continuously in the city

According to the police, this gang used to change the number plates of stolen bikes and sell them to the local people by making fake papers. Since last month, the incidents of bike theft are increasing continuously in the markets and colonies of Sitapur city and surrounding areas. Police launched a police station-wise special operation to nab the people involved in these incidents. Today Mahmudabad Kotwali police arrested two thieves. The police has started the process of sending both the arrested accused to jail.

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