Used to work in the factory, started stealing to fulfill expensive hobbies | Used to work in the factory, started stealing to fulfill expensive hobbies

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3 vicious thieves arrested in Shahjahanpur.

Due to lack of work in the factory in Shahjahanpur, it was becoming difficult to fulfill expensive hobbies. Then three youths started stealing to fulfill the hobby of expensive mobile and liquor. After stealing an e-rickshaw, the three accused were going to sell it. When the police tried to stop the three thieves by siege, there was a scuffle between the police and the accused. In which 3 accused were arrested and two escaped. While a soldier was slightly injured.

In fact, two days ago in Mohalla Rangmahalla of Chowk Kotwali area, a youth had lodged a report of theft of an e-rickshaw. After which the police started looking for the thieves. Today, on the information of the informer, the police stopped 5 youths carrying e-rickshaws from near Nagaria Mor, in the meantime the youths attacked the police team. During this, a constable named Santosh Kumar was injured.

used to paint the car dents

Police laid siege and arrested 3 accused, while two accused escaped after getting the chance. Police have recovered two e-rickshaws already stolen from them. The arrested accused are Sharif of Mohalla Jiakhel of Chowk Kotwali area, Ibrahim of Mohalla Bangash and Firoz of Mohalla Yunuskhel. The three youths work in a factory that paints the car for 8-8 thousand rupees. But compared to this salary, his hobbies were worth thousands of rupees every day.

Addicted to drinking alcohol, fond of having expensive mobiles

During interrogation, the accused told the police that the factory where the three men work. There was not much work during this period. Due to this, the hobby of drinking alcohol and changing expensive mobiles in his day could not be fulfilled. Every day all three people drink liquor worth more than one thousand rupees and at the same time keep thinking of changing new mobiles. During the arrest, the police have recovered very expensive mobile phones from the three youths.

All three accused are being interrogated

Inspector Sandeep Mishra said that the arrested youths do a job of Rs 8,000 per month. But mobiles worth more than 25-30 thousand rupees have been recovered from them. These are liquor etc. To fulfill his hobbies, he started committing thefts. At present, the three accused are being interrogated to unearth the incidents of other thefts.

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