Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022: BJP could never register victory in Karchana assembly seat, Raja Baraon has the only rule on the Karchana seat of Prayagraj | Even today, Raja Baraon has the only rule on the Karchana seat of Prayagraj, the lotus never blossomed here

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  • Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election 2022: BJP Could Never Register Victory In Karchana Assembly Seat, Raja Baraon Has The Only Rule On The Karchana Seat Of Prayagraj

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Karchana assembly seat is once again in discussion in the UP assembly elections.

There is such an assembly seat in the country, on which the Bharatiya Janata Party has never been able to win even once after independence. Here Raja Baraon i.e. Kunwar Revathi is the only kingdom of Raman Singh’s family. Revati Raman Singh has been an MLA from here for 7 times. After him, son Kunwar Ujjwal Raman Singh has maintained his dominance over it. The special thing is that even in the Modi wave, the lotus did not bloom on Karchana, one of the hot seats of the state. Here Revati Raman’s son Ujjwal Raman Singh had won. This time also the election is BJP vs SP. Who will win, it will be known on March 10, but both the parties have put their own strength.

After Yamunapar, the Karchana assembly seat adjacent to the city is very important from the political point of view. Karchana Vidhan Sabha has been constituted with Chaka Block comprising some part of Kaundhiyara. After the expansion of the municipal limits, some part has been included in the urban limits, but wards have not been created here.

Ujjwal Raman Singh is recognized among the strong leaders of SP.

Ujjwal Raman Singh is recognized among the strong leaders of SP.

Door to door reach and grip is the strength of SP

Ujjwal Raman, son of SP’s Rajya Sabha member Kunwar Revathi Raman Singh, is an MLA from here. He has a strong influence in this field, is popular. They have a hold and reach in every home. Ujjwal Raman Singh’s claim is strong in almost every booth of Chaka and Kaundhiara blocks. In Karchana block, where the number of Patel voters is high, there are relatively less SP voters.

What are the major local election issues

The area of ​​Yamunapar is important from the point of view of agriculture, but in the last 5 years, the wild increase in the number of destitute animals has broken the back of the farmers. Many villages have become dependent only on floriculture and lemongrass, but after floriculture, they do not get a market at the local level is also an election issue. Apart from this, unemployment and unemployment is also a local issue.

Ujjwal Raman Singh is trying his best to repeat his victory.

Ujjwal Raman Singh is trying his best to repeat his victory.

Muslims and Brahmins will be victorious

Ujjwal Raman Singh is following his old pattern. Muslim is working on Yad and Brahmin’s sector. At the same time, Piyush Ranjan Nishad, Kushwaha and Patel are busy cultivating the fraternity to break the illusion that the BJP has never won the seat. Piyush has BJP to make work, so the development of the same area is the power of Ujjwal Raman.

Let’s take a look at the last election

In the 2017 elections, Piyush Ranjan Nishad was the BJP’s candidate, while SP’s Ujjwal Raman Singh was contesting against him. Ujjwal Raman Singh is the son of land-based leader Revathi Raman, he has also got the benefit of this area. Apart from this, the alliance of Kushwaha and Yadav Muslim here also played an important role in the growth of SP. This was the reason that Piyush Ranjan Nishad could not win his seat even in the Modi wave. In the 2017 elections, Prayagraj had the only assembly where the SP had won.

Piyush Ranjan Nishad, a candidate from the BJP's ally, has also put forth full force.

Piyush Ranjan Nishad, a candidate from the BJP’s ally, has also put forth full force.

What could be the possible result?

If there is not a huge uptick, then Ujjwal Raman Singh is seen winning from here, although the match will be exciting and thorny. The biggest reason behind this is that Revati Raman Singh has been an MLA from here for a long time and has a hold at the grassroots level among the people. It is said that even today Kunwar Revati Raman Singh knows the name and house of every booth level worker of Karchana. Standing together in happiness and sorrow.

There has been networking in village-village and house-to-house. Cast structure is also fitted. If BJP puts its life into it, it may win this seat. Although it doesn’t seem so easy.

a look at history

Talking about the political history of Karchana assembly seat, Revati Raman Singh has won this seat the maximum number of 7 times. Revati Raman Singh, who belongs to the Baraon royal family, has traveled to the assembly from this seat on the ticket of different parties. Talking about the political history of this seat, in 1951, Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna had won from this seat. Kamal Kumar Goindi of Congress in 1957, Satya Narayan Pandey of PSP in 1962, Independent S Din in 1967 elections, Ram Kishore Shukla from Congress ticket in 1969 elections. For the first time in the 1974 elections, Revathi Raman had won from the ticket of NCO. In 1977, Revati Raman Singh won the election from Janata Party ticket. In 1980, Krishna Prakash of Congress was victorious. In the elections of 1985 and 1989, Revati Raman Singh won this seat on a Janata Party ticket, and in 1991 he reached the assembly on a Janata Dal ticket.

caste equation

There are 80 thousand Kurmi voters, about 50 thousand Yadavs and 50 thousand Muslims, along with 15 thousand Kushwaha and 15 thousand Pal fraternity voters. 55 thousand Pasi and more than 20 thousand Harijans can destroy anyone’s dream of victory.

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