Uttar Pradesh Coronavirus Case Lockdown Latest Update; Huge Crowd In Market Due To Fear Of Lockdown In Uttar Pradesh | People seen accumulating 15 days stock at vegetable markets and grocery stores, huge crowds of liquor shops flashed

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Lucknow18 minutes ago

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Crowd at a liquor store in Lucknow.

The Allahabad High Court on Monday directed the government to impose lockdown in five cities including Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. However, the government denied this. But rumors spread among the people that a long lockdown could take place in the state. In such a situation, crowds thronged the markets in Lucknow in the evening. A fair view was seen on the road. At grocery stores, people were seen buying ration for a week to a month. Liquor shops also kept the line till late at night.

The largest crowd at grocery stores
Fearing a lockdown, on Monday evening, everyone left the house and went to the grocery shops to get ration. People came back with a stock of pulses, rice, sugar, mustard oil, edible spices. The special thing is that, in the grocery stores, there was not much linking of the book. The shopkeeper made the form and paid the price and kept walking with the goods.

Pramod Tiwari, a resident of Hussainganj area, told that as soon as the instructions of the High Court were received, the families said that they should leave all work and bring the goods first. All are afraid that it should not be stopped all the way back to the previous mode. Grocery businessman Rahul said that by 5:00 pm, there was a huge rush at the shop. By 7:00 pm, a third store had become vacant. In the month, two sacks of flour bought 4 to 5 bags of flour, in case of lentils, rice and spices, there was a similar situation.

Vegetable mandis did not have a bargain
Suddenly the prices reached double in the mandis of Lucknow city. Nobody bargained. Crowds of people reached the mandis of Kaiserbagh, Nishatganj and Charbagh all of a sudden. Similar was the case with Krishna Nagar Mandi and Dubagga Mandi. Where the social distancing took off, vegetable seller Himanshu Sonkar told that within an hour all the vegetables were sold. Today, the customer did not negotiate too much. People bought potatoes and onions. People took 20 to 20 kg of potatoes.

Crowd at the grocery store.

Crowd at the grocery store.

Liquor shops thronged due to fear of closure
Beer and liquor shops were also the biggest crowd, which continued till late in the night. Many shops had long lines. Most shops in the city became empty before 8:00 pm. Liquor wholesalers also took full advantage of this and did not hold back from supplying them to the shops by installing many carts. In a few hours, liquor worth crores was sold.

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