Uttar Pradesh Deoria Firing Update; Attacks on Salempur BJP MLA Kali Prasad | Firing on BJP MLA Kali Prasad’s car in Deoria; Sisha Shatter, detained more than 12

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Devaria8 minutes ago

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This photo is from Deoria. BJP MLA’s car damaged after attack

  • Incident near Paran Chapra village of Salempur Kotwali area
  • SP Shripathi Mishra said – interrogation of accused continues

In the case of firing on the vehicle of BJP MLA Kali Prasad of Salempur in Deoria, Uttar Pradesh, police have questioned and detained more than 12 youths. But the police have not yet received any strong evidence. At the same time, BJP workers and supporters are angry against the police due to the news of the attack on the MLA. All have demanded the immediate arrest of the accused. The MLA said that no one is our enemy. But I noticed that there was a young man who fired twice.

MLA Kali Prasad.

MLA Kali Prasad.

This is the whole case
MLA Kali Prasad Chakarwa had gone to BJP workers Ravindra Srivastava’s house in Bahordas village to wish Diwali. Many people were present with him. As soon as the MLA crossed the procession of idol immersion going from the front near Barsipar village, someone fired on his car from behind, breaking the rear glass of the MLA’s car. The case is near Chhapra village in Salempur Kotwali area.

The MLA and no one present with him has been hurt in this incident. The MLA informed the police about the firing on the vehicle. Immediately police started investigating the case. At the same time, as soon as the police captain came to know about this, he reached the spot with the force.

At the same time, the MLA says that I was returning home from a worker’s house after greeting Diwali. On the way some people were going to immerse the idol. During this period, firing was done on my car, due to which the glass of my car broke. More people were sitting in our car, we have not been hurt.

BJP workers gathered near the car.

BJP workers gathered near the car.

SP said- some youths were burning firecrackers, ongoing investigation

The SP said that some youths who were going to immerse the idol were burning firecrackers. At the same time, the MLA’s car passed by. According to the MLA, someone fired on his car which broke the glass of the car. The matter is being investigated and action is being taken. Many people have been detained.


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