Uttar Pradesh, Election, Rakesh Tikait, Tikait said – With an appeal not to vote, he will say vote for anyone, not BJP | Tikait said – With an appeal not to vote, he will say vote for anyone, not BJP

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  • Uttar Pradesh, Election, Rakesh Tikait, Tikait Said With An Appeal Not To Vote, He Will Say Vote For Anyone, Not BJP

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On the question of contesting the elections himself, Tikait said that neither he will contest the elections nor any of his family members will contest the elections.

Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait has become more vocal against the BJP after meeting West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. While talking to Dainik Bhaskar, he said that if farmers are not being heard, then how will they say that they vote for BJP. Farmers are unhappy. We are also appealing to vote for anyone but not BJP. However, he also made it clear that he will not contest elections or form any party. Know what Tikait said…

Question- Mamta government kept your meeting secret, people are raising questions on this, why so?

Answer- No, everyone was aware of my program, 4 days ago our program was there. Because of Corona, we went in small numbers. We went under the banner of Bharatiya Kisan Union. There was no personal meeting. Mamta Banerjee had said that those who have helped us will come and meet me. Our meeting was not a secret.

Question- Demonstrations are taking place in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, UP, are you going to Bengal to meet?

Answer- It is not that we were to meet because they told us that we will meet you after the elections. Will talk separately. Demonstration is its place, meeting is its place.

Question- Why are you not meeting Modi, Yogi and Khattar?

Answer: We will meet. We have been sitting for these for the last 7 months. This is what the government is all about, they have to do the work. If we don’t want to get this, what can we do? Meeting the opposition people can mean talking about the policy there, what else could be better there. If there is a Chief Minister of any state, I will talk to him about the same. Government of India is not giving any time to meet.

Question- Well why did you go to meet Mamta, what happened?

Answer- We had a personal meeting with Mamta. Had to meet him after the election. He has said that if we come to Delhi, we will meet the office bearers of the Kisan Union. Because due to Coronavirus, only selected people were allowed to meet. He has said that we will talk to those Chief Ministers of other states, who are in opposition. We are ready in every way to help you, help your movement and help your issues.

Question- Other farmer leaders are also raising questions on your meeting?

Answer: No one is asking questions. Everyone was aware, we had gone to meet under the banner of Kisan Union. What these people are telling is telling it wrong. To my knowledge there is no such information.

Question- You are saying that you will ask not to vote for BJP in the elections, so according to this it has not become your political movement?

Answer: This is not a political matter. How can we say vote for BJP. It’s doing a great job. We are not listening, if the movement is going on, then who will vote for them. Then I must say that BJP will not have to vote.

Question- Your brother Rakesh Tikait is also in contact with political parties, you have also contested elections, then why don’t you form a political party?

Answer- No one in our family is political. Neither we will contest any election nor form any political party. It is a rumour, nothing more.

Question- Farmers have retreated due to Corona, so will the movement be bigger again?

Answer- Where has the farmer gone back, it is sponsored by the press. Even today, if the press shows the farmers’ movement, a movement of more than 200 km will be visible. We were sitting yesterday, are sitting today and will continue to sit till the law is not withdrawn.

Question- The central government has increased the subsidy on fertilizers, it is being told as good news for the farmers?

Answer- Where did the government give subsidy? Someone’s salary should be increased from 50 thousand to 25 thousand. Later, if he is told that it is being missed, then how will he understand. Similarly, the price of the sack of manure was increased from 1200 to 1900. Then lowered it. There will be no happiness in this. People would have been happy when they reduced the price below 1200. Then it will seem that the government is thinking about them.

Question- Are you also planning to enter the election fray of 2022?

Answer: None of our candidates will contest. People who will be happy and unhappy will vote accordingly.

Question- It is being said that you met Mamta under a secret agenda, talks are also taking place between TMC and BSP?

Answer- There was no secret agenda, four-five days ago everyone was aware. The news was also running. We even met the TMC chief minister there. We did not meet BSP people. What these people are saying is wrong.

Question- You have also campaigned in Bengal, so the question will arise that you are going to campaign against BJP in UP too?

Answer- We did not do any publicity about Mamta. We only said that do not vote for BJP. Apart from BJP, vote whomever you want to vote for. We will campaign against BJP in UP. The entire farmer will do it, all those who are unhappy will work against the BJP.

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