Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur Rain News; Congress Reaction After City Roads Become Ponds Due To Light Rain | Two hours of rain caused the roads to become ponds; Congressmen set up fishing nets, municipal corporation opened its pole

Gorakhpur9 hours ago

After the rains in Gorakhpur, the entire Congress performed in a unique manner to raise the voice of people troubled by the problem of waterlogging.

  • Case of Batihata of Gorakhpur city
  • Congressmen demonstrated against the municipal corporation

Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh are to be held in 2022. However, the opposition parties are already preparing. Any chance of protest, opposition parties do not want to leave. The latest case is from Gorakhpur district in Uttar Pradesh. It received two hours of torrential rain on Tuesday morning. After this, the roads in the city became waterlogged. In such a situation, Congress workers adopted a unique method of protesting against the municipal corporation and the government. Like a fisherman, he set a trap on the road and acted as a symbolic fish.

Water filled in posh area

Bettihata area is a posh area of โ€‹โ€‹Gorakhpur city. After the rain, the entire area started struggling with waterlogging problem. Congress workers got a chance to raise a unique protest. Congress leader Anwar Hussain along with activists reached the pond road in Bettiahhata. Here, he expressed symbolic opposition to street fishing from the net. During this, the workers were seen hitting the fish with a net of fish in their hands.

It does not seem that this CM’s city
Congress leader Anwar Hussain said that in two hours of rain today, half the city has become waterlogged. The top municipal officials have nothing to do with the condition of the city. He said that the Municipal Corporation is spending crores of rupees on the drainage. But, the municipal corporation has been exposed. It does not seem that this is the Chief Minister’s city.



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