Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur Sanvi Hospital Latest Updates. Contractor Open Fired At Sanvi Hospital In Gorakhpur | The staff of Saanvi Hospital beat up the driver, the angry contractor created panic by firing in the air, the police said – license will be canceled

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Police is on the lookout for the accused contractor. There is no trace of him yet.

A case of firing has come to light outside a hospital in Gorakhpur late on Thursday night. It is alleged that the driver of contractor Satya Prakash Pandey was beaten up by the hospital staff. Angered by this, the contractor fired in the air. The matter is of Saanvi Hospital located in Ramgarhtal area. Police are looking for the contractor who fired the shots.

There was a dispute regarding the removal of the car

Sanvi Hospital is on the planetarium road of Ramgarhtal area. Satyaprakash Pandey, a contractor living nearby, was going somewhere in his car at 11 pm. A car was parked outside the hospital. His driver asked the hospital personnel to remove the vehicle. But no one came to remove the car. On this the driver got angry and started shouting at the hospital staff. After this the hospital staff came and beat up the driver.

At that time the contractor did not say anything. It is alleged that shortly after this he went home and brought a licensed pistol. When the employees were challenged, no one came out. After which he opened fire in the air and spread panic in the area. By the time the hospital staff could understand something, the contractor fled from there.

Contractor’s pistol license will be canceled
Inspector Ramgarhtal JN Singh told that the contractor Satyaprakash Pandey opened fire. The search is on for the accused contractor. He will be arrested soon. Along with this, action will be taken to cancel the license by taking possession of the licensed pistol.

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