Uttar Pradesh Lady Police Officer Climbs on Water Tank in Varanasi | A woman troubled by harassment climbed on a water tank to suicide; Policemen deemed it extinguished and brought down

Varanasi27 minutes ago

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A woman climbed on a water tank in Varanasi.

  • Lalpur Pandeypur Police Station area case
  • CO said- problems of women will be heard

In Lalpur Pandeypur police station area in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday, a woman policeman climbed on a water tank alleging harassment. She was adamant on calling SSP Amit Pathak on the spot. On reaching the information, CO Anil Kumar and SP City Development Chandra Tripathi understood that after extinguishing the woman from the tank, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Police interrogating women

Police interrogating women

Commotion to avoid action

On Thursday, a woman named Madhu Singh, in Premchandra Nagar of Lalpur Pandeypur police station area, started a commotion by climbing a water tank with a gallon kerosene. She started threatening to commit suicide. Police reached the information after 45 minutes of hard work and landed him in custody. During this time, the woman created a ruckus. The woman is alleged to have invested some money in a micro finance company. But the money was captured. Pandeypur Outpost Incharge and Divan did not take action even after complaining in this case.

Woman duped many policemen, ongoing investigation

CO Anil Kumar told that the woman has taken lakhs of rupees in the name of the flat from some policemen. When the police asked for their money, it gave a check, which bounced. Policemen have registered a case regarding this matter. A notice was also sent to the woman. Another woman climbed with it. After about 45 minutes, they were taken off and sent to the police station. Their legal problems will be heard. What the police are accused of will also be seen.


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