Uttar Pradesh Law Student Make Robot For Divyang Dog | Milind of Lucknow makes robot for Divyang Dog, takes care in absence, stays with him all day

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Lucknow15 minutes ago

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Milind Raj, who has studied law in Lucknow, has a talent for engineering.

  • Milind Raj, a resident of Gomti Nagar, is particularly interested in engineering
  • Street dog was found lying in a drain in the Corona era

Milind Raj, who has studied law in the capital Lucknow, has set an example of humanity. Milind is taking care of a Divyang Dog who is neither able to walk nor has the ability to see and hear. This dog was found in a drain in the Gomti Nagar area in the Coronaca. This was a period when people did not even come close to each other to protect themselves from the corona virus. Milind has named the dog as ‘Jojo’. Milind has created a robot for Jojo. The robot now takes Milo from time to time in the absence of Milind and also monitors him.

Dog was found in these situations

It is about the month of September. Milind Raj was going somewhere in Gomti Nagar. He was then seen lying in a street dog drain. Milind brought him out of the drain to his house. His condition was not well then. But at that time, animal hospitals were closed due to the Corona epidemic. So they could not immediately take the dog to the hospital. After three months, when the situation was normal, he went to the doctor with the dog. Then the doctor told that he is a Divyang. He cannot even see and hear. After this, Milind took the Divyang Dog and named it ‘Jo-Jo’. He designed a robot that now feeds and takes care of Divyang Jojo for the last four months.

Robot feeds Jojo.

Robot feeds Jojo.

Robot becomes active as soon as he hears the dog’s voice

Milind Raj claims that such a relationship between Divyang Jojo and Robot has never been seen before. Said that it took me almost three months to build this robot. I also tried it for a month. Whenever Jojo feels hungry, he utters the sound of oooo… oooo…. She can’t bark On his action, the robot becomes active and brings food and feeds. He said that I am glad that I could design a special robot to help a disabled animal.

Milind says that it has become such a time that whoever eats the hands of robots. Jojo was afraid to leave any person, then he has such friendship with the robot. There is a need to build such robots in the changing society. More people can also join us to support us.

Milind Raj has made dog rescue and sanitizer drone
About 5 years ago, Milind Raj had created a robot to save the dog that fell in the drain. Milind has created many different types of robots. During the Corona epidemic, Milind Raj designed a robot to perform sanitization. Which was discussed a lot at that time. The sanitizing robot used to do sanitization in trains and parks parked for 2 km. The drone had the capability to fly by lifting 8 kg sanitizer at one time. Milind Raj is a resident of Gobtinagar block. He has created one such drone after three months of hard work. The student making this versatile instrument is not an engineer, but a student of law.


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