Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, Kidnapping, Three teams of Lucknow Police and one team of STF kept watching and UP 112 reached kept doing it, 2 constables brought the woman free | STF and Lucknow Police teams kept tracking the kidnappers for 3 days, 2 constables went and brought the woman

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  • Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, Kidnapping, Three Teams Of Lucknow Police And One Team Of STF Kept Watching And UP 112 Reached Kept Doing It, 2 Constables Brought The Woman Free

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Accused in police custody

The wife of a High Court lawyer was abducted on June 6 from the Sushant Golf City police station area of ​​the capital Lucknow. After 3 days of hard work, on the night of 9 June, Lucknow Police and UP STF successfully recovered the lawyer’s wife. So far 4 accused have been arrested but the story of the police is not being embraced. The number that was activated to demand the amount of kidnapping would get calls saying “We will return Didi but I don’t want less than Rs 1 crore.” On 3 nights of 6th, 7th and 8th June, the police were seen roaming in the area of ​​Mohanlalganj, where they could not trace the woman.

The crooks used to be active in the night to demand ransom

Officials associated with the revelations say that the abduction of the lawyer’s wife was very challenging for the police. We were making all efforts to recover the wife of a safe lawyer. But the manner in which the miscreants spoke, it seemed that the kidnappers were close to them. Because he was talking as didi, didi. On the phone they used to say that we will return Didi to you but I do not want less than one crore rupees. The police team would be on the lookout for the miscreants throughout the day but they would have been active at night. Every time there was a call from his number that why are you roaming with the police. The same sequence continued from 6th to 8th June. After waking up for three nights, the police was completely despondent. But on the night of June 9, when the miscreants told a different place to bring one crore rupees, they did not reach there. The hands of the police team swelled, they were thinking, what do these crooks want?

Lucknow Police and STF team kept watching, suddenly the vehicle of UP-112 reached

It is the night of 9th June. The police tried to reach the place where the woman was kept in Mohanlalganj area by tracking her mobile number. Where he was kept confined in a closed room. Seeing the place from a distance, three teams of Lucknow Police and a team of STF laid siege to it. But suddenly a car of 112 reached that house amidst the presence of the team. where the woman was confined. The teams of Lucknow Police and STF were shocked who gave information to the 112 soldiers. He was not a part of this team. But two soldiers of UP 112 immediately opened the gate of the house and recovered the woman locked there and also caught a crook from the room.

Random kidnapping used to demand ransom

Lucknow Police official said that there is a gang of 10 people of miscreants. Those who used to do random kidnapping of any woman or child and demanded a ransom amount according to their profile. They used to start demanding ransom amount from one crore rupees and left with 10 to 15 lakhs or 20 lakhs. A similar case came to the fore of the abduction of Preeti, wife of lawyer Anurag Shukla from Sushant Golf City. Lucknow Police is searching for seven other miscreants including the mastermind. So far, three accused in this case, Rohit Gautam, Lavkush were arrested by the police on Thursday and Santosh Choubey on Wednesday night.

Seeing the crowd, the local people had given information on UP 112

The house from where the lawyer’s wife was recovered in Mohanlalganj Harivanshgarhi village. Local people suddenly informed on 112 after the movement of that house and the people living in it looked suspicious. The team of 112, who arrived on general information, played a big role in the revelations of the high profile kidnapping. A police officer said that, when 112 was asked how they reached here, they told that, I had received a call from a number, some people crowded here are looking suspicious. I got the house opened to check the suspects.

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