Uttar Pradesh Man Held Hostage By His Girlfriend Family For Four Days In Mirzapur | In Mirzapur, the young man was held hostage and beaten for 4 days by his girlfriend’s house, cigarettes were not left in the body

Mirzapur5 minutes ago

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Suffering youth.

  • Countryside police station case, youth was missing since September 4
  • Police detained five accused

In Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh, the hostage of a young man by his girlfriend’s house has crossed the limits of vandalism. After getting rid of the clutches of the accused, the victim reached the police on Wednesday and gave a complaint. Police have detained five people. The inquiry continues.

Blisters on hands

Blisters on hands

Married in Arya Samaj temple

Shubham Jaiswal, who lives in the rural police station area, said that he has been in love with a non-fraternity girl living near the house for a long time. He had this love affair while studying at Intermediate. It is alleged that at the behest of the girl, she got married in the Arya Samaj in Prayagraj. But on September 4, he was taken hostage by his girlfriend’s house. It was then fired with cigarettes. Been beaten. There are traces of wounds on Shubham’s body.

Police interrogating accused

On Wednesday, he somehow got rid of the clutches of the accused and reached the village police station directly and gave a complaint against the accused. The active police is interrogating five people in custody. The victim’s father stated that his son had been missing since 4 September. He marries Love by going to Naini. The son has been fired with cigarettes to torture him. SP City Sanjay Verma said that the accused are under questioning. The episode will be revealed soon.


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