Uttar Pradesh, Meerut, Black Fungus, 20 deaths in 15 days, those who did not get corona are also victims of fungus | 20 deaths in 15 days, those who did not get corona are also victims of fungus

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After Corona, now black fungus has become a problem for the people of Meerut. 04-05 new patients of black fungus are being admitted daily in the medical hospital. More than 20 deaths have also occurred in the last 15 days.

Apart from private hospitals, regular black fungus patients are coming to the medical hospital. If patients are recovering, then new cases are also being admitted. At the same time, patients are being corrected by surgery. Deaths are also happening continuously.

Due to lack of medicine, increasing infection became the cause of death

Patients of black fungus are not getting medicine for treatment. There is still a shortage of amphoterosin-B in medical hospitals. Medicines arrive in the district on every second, third day from Lucknow. It is distributed among the whole circle. The infection is increasing due to not getting the proportion in which the patient needs the dosage of Amphoterocin-B. Due to this also deaths are taking place.

Corona positive people at high risk

Black fungus has also joined the problems of post covid. Among the patients of mucormycosis, there is a high number of patients who were cured of corona, then black fungus surrounded them. According to Dr. Puneet Bhargava, ENT specialist at Anand Hospital, operation is the only major treatment for mucormycosis. The main reason for increasing infection in such patients is due to lack of proper cleaning of oxygen pipe, and not maintaining proper cleanliness during treatment. Due to non-availability of medicines to the patients on time, the infection is increasing and reaching the brain.

The condition becomes serious when the infection reaches the brain.

If timely treatment is given and the infection is removed by operation, then the chances of survival of the patient are considerable. But due to not getting treatment on time, the infection reaches the brain, it becomes difficult for the patient to survive as soon as the infection reaches the brain.

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