Uttar Pradesh Panchayat Election 2021 Latest Update. Meerut BJP Leader Indrapal Bajrangi Election Poster Viral | The BJP leader showed Aaina to the candidates, wrote on the poster outside the house – Do not bring any temptation item or else the vote is not guaranteed

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The poster placed outside the house of BJP leader Indrapal is viral on social media.

The polling for the third phase of panchayat elections in Uttar Pradesh is on April 26. In this sequence, candidates have stepped up their campaign. In order to woo the candidate voters, all the tricks are being adopted. In such a situation, the regional minister of Meerut BJP, Indrapal Bajrangi has shown a mirror to those who seek votes in lieu of temptation. He has pasted a poster outside his house. On which it is written that no temptation, such as liquor, beer, cold drink, sweets, etc. should be brought here. Otherwise there will be no guarantee of vote.

Indrapal Bajrangi says that as the election day draws near, the process of public relations of the candidates coming from house to house has increased. The candidates are also sending sweets, cold drinks etc. items to the houses through their supporters, liquor is also being distributed to the hidden voters, hence they have pasted the posters outside their house. So that no candidate comes with any kind of temptation to ask for votes.

People do not understand the horrors of Corona

Elections are to be held in Meerut district on 26 April. Here the candidates are doing public relations amid the rising outbreak of Corona infection. Indrapal Bajrangi says that people are still not using masks in the villages, they are being explained, made aware but people are not yet understanding the magnitude of the disease. Indrapal Bajrangi said that even when the lockdown was in place last year, he appealed to his visitors not to come home to meet him, ask each other’s condition and work through the phone. They had kept distance from their own people.

Boycott the candidate who is tempted

Senior social activist Sheilendra Chauhan says that in the three-tier election, the custom of asking for votes has increased due to all kinds of temptation. Because of this, these small elections have become more expensive than big elections. The candidate spends money like water to win the election, and after winning the election does not do any work for the public, the reason behind this is that he wants to earn the money spent in the election first, which is also the work of development. They do not reflect quality. Therefore, the voters themselves should boycott such candidates who are tempted and seeking votes. Such a candidate should be selected whose image is clean and he can solve his problems by staying in public.

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