Uttar Pradesh Panchayat Election Latest Updates; Clash And Firing In Two Pradhan Candidate Groups One Injured In Gorakhpur | Fighting and firing between two prime candidates; Injured due to a bullet, treatment undergoing BRD Medical

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Gorakhpur5 minutes ago

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The injured candidate is the former head and the candidate in this time’s election. Voting is happening here today.

Voting for the first phase of panchayat elections has started in Uttar Pradesh. Just before this, two groups of village head held fierceness in Gorakhpur on Wednesday night. During this three rounds were fired. Former chief and candidate Raghavendra Dubey was shot in the firing. He has been admitted to the Medical College. His condition is critical. Police have detained outgoing head Shambhu Yadav on suspicion. Shambhu Yadav is also contesting this time.

Stress was going on in both groups

The entire case is related to the village of Mahuadabar (Parsadad) in Khajni police station area. Former Prime Minister Gilgil Dubey aka Raghavendra Narayan Dubey (50 years) was Prime Minister till five years ago, ie, at around 10:30 pm on Wednesday night. The last time Shambhu Yadav of the village was elected head. This year, the two were contesting each other face to face. In such a situation, there was a dispute about the supremacy between the two groups.

Police investigating on the spot

Police investigating on the spot

Police said – a clash took place to ask for votes

According to the police, there was a fight between two village head candidates for seeking votes in Mishraulia village on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, a supporter fired three rounds. In which a bullet hit Raghavendra Dubey. The family took him to the district hospital, where the doctors referred him to the medical college. The family has accused the outgoing head and principal candidate Shambhu Yadav of shooting. Police currently detained Shambhu Yadav and is investigating.

The injured’s brother accused the second candidate

The injured’s brother Bolendra said that Raghavendra Narayan was shot by Shambhu while coming home on Wednesday night. The bullet hit Gilgil’s stomach. According to supporters, at the same time when Gilgil was coming home, Shambhu fired three rounds at a time. At present, no Tahrir has been given to the police. At the same time, people of Shambhu Paksha alleged that the bullet was fired by Gilgil’s side.

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