Uttar Pradesh Unnao Dalit Girls Murder Mystery; Story Involving Suicide, Or Honor Killing | Police and leaders gather in village after death of Dalit girls; There is also sloganeering between tears and comfort

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41 minutes ago

This photo is from Unnao. The police are tightly guarded on all routes to Baburaha village.

Baburaha village, situated at the end of Unnao district, about 100 KM from UP capital Lucknow, has suddenly come into the limelight. Last Wednesday night, the bodies of two minor girls of a Dalit family were found in the farm, while the condition of the third girl is very critical. She is fighting to the death at Regency Hospital in Kanpur. These girls were aunt and niece in the relationship. Poisoning has been confirmed in the postmortem report, but the three themselves have consumed poison or been fed, this is still a big question.

After this incident, all the Dalit leaders, social activists and leaders of opposition parties of the country have raised questions on the law and order of UP. At the same time, the influx of police force and administrative officers has increased in Baburaha village. Politicians are also visiting the village. Bhaskar report from Baburaha village …

Police barrier and media gathering in this village on Baburah’s turn

In Baburaha village, Kajal, Komal and Roshni were found in the field under suspicious circumstances. Kajal and Komal have died. Roshni’s condition is critical. Kajal’s father has lodged a complaint at the Asoha police station 18 hours after the incident. Police have registered a case of murder and detained some people. Unnao’s Asoha police now looks more active than before. More than 6 policemen are standing near the barrier on the way towards Baburaha village, 1 km from the police station and interrogating the passengers. There is a gathering of police and media from outside in Baburaha village, one kilometer from here. About 100 meters inside is the family, which lost two girls. There is police barricading here, but there is no restriction on movement.

Force standing outside the house of deceased Kajal.

The daughter also left, the policemen have not left the son yet

12-15 policemen are stationed in front of Kajal’s house with their ashes and batons. It is a one room house built under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. There is a hut on the adjacent mud house. Kajal’s mother, Bitool, is lying in the lap of her relative in a sleepless state. Weep and cry on talk. It is said that my daughter has gone and my son Kallu (25) has also been taken to the police station. Ten-year-old Lalit has also been taken with him to the police. As soon as these things happen, the woman police sub-inspector interrupts, saying that she has been taken for the Panchnama, but when the question is why she is taken at night, the police officer becomes silent.

Kajal's mother in her relative's lap.

Kajal’s mother in her relative’s lap.

Police keeps a close watch on what the victim’s family is saying to

Komal’s house is 100 meters away from Kajal’s house. Komal’s mother is sitting outside the house with relatives. Some leaders are also comforting him. She says don’t know what happened to the girls? But the policemen have taken our own family to the police station. We want them to be released. Komal’s aunt says there is no phone at home. We arrived in the morning when I received the news at night. Policemen are also guarded at this house. They are also keeping an eye on what is happening to the family. Householders have reservations about this.

Mother of deceased Komal (in yellow saree).  There is Netaji nearby, who has come to console.

Mother of deceased Komal (in yellow saree). There is Netaji nearby, who has come to console.

Roshni’s mother said- going to Kanpur to meet daughter, no news was received from yesterday

The surviving Roshni is being treated at Regency Hospital in Kanpur, but her condition is so bad that she is unable to tell anything. In a miserable atmosphere, his mother is preparing to go out of her house. When questioned, he told that he was going to Kanpur. Along with him his daughter-in-law is also ready to take her baby boy in her lap. On the go, Roshni’s mother said that the girl is admitted in the hospital since yesterday. Can’t find out what has happened to him? No news is being received. I have a son, but he has BP. Don’t know how it will happen.

House of lights  Her mother was ready to go to Kanpur in a red sari.

House of lights Her mother was ready to go to Kanpur in a red sari.

The process of the arrival of the leaders continues, the slogans echo

The Bhim Army activists are also roaming around in Baburaha, while the leaders of Congress have also arrived. They are saying that soon Priyanka Gandhi will come to meet. Meanwhile, in front of Kajal’s house, slogans are sometimes being raised against the administration and the government. Once there was a shock from the police. IG Laxmi Singh once again met the families of the victims. During this period, relatives who came to the house were also removed.

IG Laxmi Singh came out after meeting the victim's family.

IG Laxmi Singh came out after meeting the victim’s family.

What does the postmortem report say? What points are the police investigating?

The post-mortem report of both the girls stated that poisonous substances were found. Doctors have sent samples of poisonous material from the body to the lab for examination. Police sources said that after the postmortem report came, the entire incident is now being investigated at three points.

  • owner killing: Sources say that the first point of police investigation is honor killing. Police is questioning the family members and their acquaintances to gather every information about this.
  • love affairs: Police is also paying close attention to this angle. For this, talks have also been made with girls’ friends. Information is also received that two suspicious boys have also been picked up from the village.
  • Suicide: The girls themselves ate poison or were force fed. Police is also gathering information closely about this point. However, police has not recovered anything related to the poison from around the scene.
People gathered in the village.

People gathered in the village.

These important questions are standing on the incident

  • The distance from the village to the fields is not much. Still such a big incident happened, but why did no one get the information?
  • If someone had to commit suicide then why would he tie his arms and legs?
  • Family members say that there is no enmity with anyone in the village. The postmortem report also stated that no rape was done, nor marks of assault on the body. In such a situation, no one knew about the incident. If there is no enmity with anyone in the village, then why would the outsider execute such a big event. Is there anyone behind it?
  • Is the real reason for a love affair that led to the death of two girls?
All three girls were found at this place in the mustard field.

All three girls were found at this place in the mustard field.


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