Uttar Pradesh Unnao News Update; ATM Card Help Police Find Murdered Woman Shraddha Awasthi | Innocent youth jailed for 14 months on false charges of kidnapping and murder, two-year old secret revealed by issuing ATM card

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Shraddha returned alive after two years in Unnao. The police have arrested it. The inquiry continues.

  • Case of Jurakhankheda of Sadar Kotwali
  • Police caught woman from Kanpur Central Railway Station
  • Was doing job in Mumbai, bid on being caught – was fed up with her husband

A surprising case has emerged in Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. Here for 14 months, the woman who was tortured in jail for kidnapping and killing her, she was living and working in Maharashtra. The woman had issued an ATM, which was delivered to Unnao’s address. Family was stirred as soon as the ATM was delivered. After which information was given to the police. When the police investigated with the help of surveillance, everyone understood the entire script. On October 13, the police arrested the woman from Kanpur Central Railway Station. She was secretly returning to Unnao.

The woman went missing in March 2018

Yogendra Kumar, a resident of Mohalla Jurakhankheda in Sadar Kotwali area, lodged a report on 22 March 2018 accusing one of his friend Pramod Verma of abducting wife Shraddha Awasthi. It was alleged that at around four o’clock on March 8, 2018, his wife had been driven away after being seduced. Meanwhile, on 2 April 2018, the burnt body of an unidentified woman was recovered by the police near Sherpur Kalan village in the Aasivan police station area. The village head Kishanpal informed the police about the incident and by sending a report of the murder, sent the body for postmortem. The post-mortem report confirmed the woman’s death. After the identification of the woman, the police cremated the body of the woman after 72 hours.

Husband identified by seeing PM Potli

During that time, Yogendra was reported to have found the body of an unknown woman. Then on 27 May 2018, Yogendra identified his wife as seeing his photos, clothes, bangles etc. Siyaram Verma, the then police station in-charge, started the investigation. During this time, on the basis of husband’s tahrir, neighbor Pramod Verma was accused and sent to jail. In the meantime, the detractor was transferred. After this, the in-charge Jaishankar sent the accused to jail.

Police suspects the DNA match did not match
But the current police station in-charge Rajesh Singh demanded that the deceased woman, her daughter Gauri and other relatives get DNA from the court. The DNA report did not match the family. After which the police understood that the dead woman was someone else. Meanwhile, in the eyes of the people, the dead woman put an Aadhaar card in issuing an ATM from a branch of Axis Bank in Maharashtra. When the Aadhar card was found in-law, Jurakhan Kheda, the girl’s ATM card was delivered in Unnao last month when the in-laws’ senses were blown away. Husband Yogendra Kumar informed the Sadar Kotwali police about the ATM.

SP said – will give evidence to the court to be alive

SP Unnao Anand Kulkarni said that the surveillance team was pressed into the investigation of the case. During this time, the girl’s location was traced in Ahmed Nagar, Maharashtra. At which the police started monitoring the girl. On October 11, Shraddha Gupta secretly left for Unnao by train with a young man. The police then laid siege on the evening of October 13 and arrested Unnao from Kanpur Central Station. While interrogating, the woman told the police that she had gone to Maharashtra after being fed up with her husband’s fight. On being informed of the death, the relatives did not contact them and they worked in the hospital and were staying in a hostel. SP Unnao said that the husband of the missing woman had filed a murder case against Pramod Verma. After which he went to jail. He is currently out after receiving bail from the court. He said that he remained in jail for 14 months. After the woman is recovered, a report will be sent to the court.


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