Uttar Pradesh’s primary schools will compete against convent schools by next year | By next year, the primary schools of Uttar Pradesh will compete with the convent schools, the government directed to prepare a special model

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The government of Uttar Pradesh has instructed primary schools in UP to develop special models to develop on the lines of convent schools.

  • Government claims over 50 thousand out of 1.59 lakh schools have been rejuvenated

By next year 2021, all 1.59 lakh primary schools in Uttar Pradesh will compete with the convent schools of metros in terms of infrastructure. The government claims that under the rejuvenation campaign, more than 50 thousand schools are now equal to convent schools. The Basic Education Department of Uttar Pradesh has been directed by the government to prepare a special model under the rejuvenation plan.

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath fixed this dead line at the function of distribution of appointment letters to newly appointed teachers. He has asked for a plan to emphasize quality education in the primary. Primary school education and culture are the foundation, so the most focus is also on it.

14 parameters have been fixed. In the first phase all the schools will be prepared on 10 parameters.

In order to have better infrastructural facilities in primary schools, the operation rejuvenation is being conducted as planned in a planned manner from June 2018 on the instructions of the Chief Minister. 14 parameters have been fixed for this. In the first phase, all schools will be saturated at 10 parameters. In order to saturate with the remaining four parameters, the department also has the primary schools for the March 2022 ceremony. It is in this that the ideological foundation of children is prepared.

Later, they gradually change into habit. Depends on what a teacher is teaching to children. This is where the role of primary school teachers becomes important. It is a step towards a better and stronger India, if they instill in the children with book knowledge their glorious history, tradition, culture and passion for the love and passion of the country. There is a necessary environment in its schools, we are trying to give it through rejuvenation.


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