Vaccination lagging in Kalaburagi district

The vaccination drive in Kalaburagi district is lagging behind its target. The data collected from the Department of Health and Family Welfare for the last three days clearly showed that the districtโ€™s vaccination achievement has been less than 5% as compared to the target.

A daily target of vaccinating 20,500 people was set for the district โ€” 2,000 for Afzalpur, 2,900 for Aland, 2,300 for Chincholi, 3,300 for Chittapur, 4,100 for Kalaburagi Urban, 1,700 for Kalaburagi Rural, 2,400 for Jewargi and 1,800 for Sedam.

On Sunday, 992 (5%) people were vaccinated. Kalaburagi Rural recorded the highest number of vaccinations with 193 (11%) and Jewargi and Sedam taluks recorded the lowest at 24 (1%).

On Monday, 731 (4%) people were vaccinated. Chincholi stood on top with 188 (8%) vaccinations and Jewargi came at the bottom with zero vaccination.

On Tuesday, only 298 (1%) people were vaccinated against the target of 20,500 people. Kalaburagi Rural saw the highest vaccination with just 101 (6%) against the target of 1,700 and Jewargi at the bottom with zero vaccination.

The authorities in the Department of Health and Family Welfare attributed the poor performance to the erratic and inadequate supply of vaccination doses. They also said that they for the time being had, upon the directions from higher-ups, stopped supplying vaccine to private healthcare facilities and are diverting all doses to public healthcare institutions when they received them.

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