Vaccination: relevance of Union Cabinet questioned

Senior Congress leader and former Minister B.K. Chandrashekar has said “the Cabinet government at the Centre has transformed into the Prime Ministerial government” and questioned the relevance of the Cabinet.

In a press release here on Thursday, he welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to procure vaccines and its distribution to States free of cost. But “where is the Union Cabinet in all this”, he asked.

Citing a book on the Constitution, Mr. Chandrashekar said “The Cabinet government has transformed into the Prime Ministerial government. This indicates the ascendancy of the Prime Minister at the expense of the Cabinet. Such a trend is obvious in India”.

While announcing free administration of vaccines for adults of the country, “the Prime Minister continues to be on the defensive” and blamed “previous governments” for failure on vaccinations.

“Was there any pandemic like Covid in the previous decades? The Supreme Court has termed as irrational and arbitrary the vaccination policy of the Centre,” he added.


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