Vaccination: Vaccine introduced to administrative officers, scavengers, only 9 got 100 in the first day in the capital

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  • Health officers argue, say – you may not have seen the message at night, so you could not come

Apart from the doctor-paramedical staff, the health staff, other frontline corona warriors, including administrative officers, corporation officers, employees and scavengers, their corona vaccination began on Friday, but the response cost the health staff. For them, there was a provision of putting Corona vaccine in the booth of Pt. Nehru Medical College.

The staff stationed there sat with a list of 100 people from 11 am to 6 pm, but only 9 people arrived to get vaccinated. This low attendance was discussed throughout the day. Late in the evening, health officials clarified that the decision to vaccinate them was made on Thursday evening. It was night to send messages to all hundred people. Because of this, no one could possibly see the message, so could not reach for vaccines. Their number is likely to increase gradually. In the capital, except for Health, the remaining frontline warriors have been launched to install a rescue vaccine from Corona. For this, only one center has been established in the medical college. Frontline workers include administrative officers, municipal officer-employees, and city sanitation workers.

Police number is going to come after them. The Bhaskar team visited the booth at 11 am and 6 pm to see the situation. By 6 pm, the center was closed, by then only 9 people had arrived in the list to be vaccinated.

Messages sent throughout the day
The number of administrative officers in the capital is 420 and the number of frontline workers in the district is around 4500. They will also be vaccinated on Saturday. For this, officials are sending messages to the frontline workers. On the other hand, in 19387 health workers, 14321 people have been vaccinated. This is 74% of the target. The vaccine dose will be given to health workers by 13 February. A second dose will be given from 12 February.

14 in Bilaspur and 95 in Raigad In Bilaspur and Raigad, frontline workers were vaccinated on Friday. There was also a list of hundred people. In Raigad, record-breaking 95 frontline workers got vaccinations, but in Bilaspur only 14 officer-workers reached the vaccine booth. Almost a trend of vaccination in both cities was in the news. However, the officials reiterated that all those who are required to be vaccinated will be covered in the coming days.

“Vaccination will be done on Saturday. Hopefully the figure will go up. It seems that the officers could not see the message, so did not arrive.”
-Dr. Meera Baghel, CMHO Raipur

“Health or frontline workers, everyone needs to be vaccinated. People should not fear unnecessarily, because the side effects are absolutely nil.”
-Dr. S. Phulzele, HOD Orthopedic Ambedkar


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