Varanasi administration shared treatment on treatment of Kovid related health problems; Drink Tulsi-Ginger-Black Pepper in the names of medicines. | Varanasi administration shared treatment for treatment of Kovid related health problems; Drink Tulsi-Ginger-Black Pepper also in the names of medicines

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  • Varanasi Administration Shared Treatment On Treatment Of Kovid Related Health Problems; Drink Tulsi Ginger Black Pepper in the Names of Medicines.

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Varanasi2 minutes ago

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Helpline numbers receive 19 calls at a time.

  • Kashi Kovid Response Center is being operated 24 hours
  • Helpline number 1077 / 1800-180- 5567 is available round the clock

Corona infection has increased rapidly in the district. On Tuesday, 801 newly infected patients have been found. Commissioner Deepak Aggarwal has released helpline numbers and list of medicines for 24 hours help for home isolation and covid positive patients. Start treatment as soon as symptoms appear after the test. He also continued to use Ayurvedic decoction.

Health issues related to Kovid can be talked on helpline number

Commissioner Deepak Aggarwal said that the Kashi Kovid Response Center is being operated 24 hours. Helpline numbers 1077 / 1800-180- 5567, landline numbers are 0542-2221937, 2221939, 2221941, 2221942, 2221944 and 2720005 respectively. He appealed to the people to immediately inform on these numbers if there is any kind of Kovid related health problem. There is a system of receiving 19 calls at a time to these numbers.

Home isolation and covid positive patients start treatment immediately

Commissioner Deepak Aggarwal informed that necessary guidelines have been issued to start immediate treatment / treatment for home isolation and covid positive patient. Accordingly, for adult persons, one tablet of Tab IVERMECTIN 12 mg for 3 days after dinner, one tablet of Azithromycin 500 mg OR Doxycycline 100 mg (Azithromycin 500 mg or Doxycillin 100 mg) up to 5 days after meals, Paracetamol plain 500 / 650mg In the case of fever, morning, afternoon, evening, Sporlac (Sporlac) One pill daily in case of stomach upset (loose motion), Syp. Antitussive can use two teaspoons three times for 5 days.

What should children give

For children above 10 years of age, one tablet of Azithromycin 250 mg (Azithromycin 250mg) for 5 days a day after meals, one tablet of Paracetamol plain 250mg (paracetamol plane 250mg) thrice a day in the case of fever. , Noon, evening, Sporlac (Sporlak) One pill every day in case of stomach upset (Syph.). Antitussive can use two teaspoons three times for 5 days.

When the symptoms of Kovid are seen

When there is a symptom related to Kovid-19, Tab Fabiflu (Tablet Fabiflu) 800 tablets twice a day in the first day and one tablet from the second day till 4 days in the morning, Tab Azee (Tablet Azi) 500 tablets a day after meals. For up to 3 days, Tab Dexona (tablet dexona) 4 mg a tablet can be used 1 time a day for 3 days.

Baggage treatment for all

In addition, for all treatment treatments (which have to be taken with appropriate medicine), Cap Zincovit (capsule zincovit) is taken one tablet a day for 5 days after meals, Tab Limcee Vit.C one tablet for adults and one morning and evening For half a tablet in the morning and evening, Compulsory Steam steam four times, Water Gargle water gargle four times.

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