Varanasi Coronavirus Update, COVID-19 Lockdown Unlock Update: Sailors head back to the Ganga | The economic condition of the sailors will return on track after the boats start operating; Disappointed at not earning in lockdown, cutting of vein and attempted suicide

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Now sailors in Varanasi are also relieved in unlocked. Boats have started operating from today, although tourists are arriving in small numbers due to fear of Corona.

  • There will be close to five thousand sailor families and people with garlands
  • A few days ago, actor Sonu Sood also helped the sailors.

Not only in the country, the havoc of Corona is continuously increasing all over the world. The operation of boats in the Ganges was also banned during the lockdown in Varanasi amid the Corona epidemic. This affected the livelihood of thousands of people. But slowly things are improving now. Boats also started operating after all restrictions were lifted in unlock.

Tourists are not coming due to fear of Corona

For fear of Corona, tourists are completely missing from the Ganges ghats of Kashi. There is also a crisis on the daily bread of the seafarers. One of them is Ashok Sahni, a boat pilot. Who had cut the nerves of both his hands a month before losing his life. Local people somehow saved their lives by getting them hospitalized.

Boatman Ashok Sawhney, who had chopped off his hand vein, was disappointed at not earning during lockdown.

Boatman Ashok Sawhney, who had chopped off his hand vein, was frustrated at not earning during lockdown.

Ashok Sahani told that I drive a boat to Dashashwamedh Ghat on wages. Used to earn from 300 to 500. Boats were closed from March to September due to the first lockdown and flood. Somehow the family went 5 months with the help of people. Online class children used to do it. The pressure of their fees also increased significantly. In such a situation, debt was also taken. In this tension, decided to embrace death.

Saved at home, so the veins of hands were cut out
Shivpur came out of his house after thinking for several days and cut his hands a month ago. Some passers-by saw him unconscious and admitted to government hospital. The people there helped me to be treated. I did not have any money, the wife’s jewel had also taken money keeping it in debt.

Ashok said that my step was not right. Seeing children and wife, it was not right to leave them destitute. Then started waiting for time. Now boats are starting to move. Earnings will increase when tourists come.

Silence on the Ganges

Silence on the Ganges

Owner and sailor society helped in bad times
When there was a lock-down and flood, many days passed with the help of the owner and government rations. The government ration shop also got some grain. The government help was insufficient. Needed money to buy anything and it was not available. Shivanand Sahni said that time is passing very poorly. There are no passengers at the pier. The worst day of my life was 6 months. The family reached the brink of starvation. Had to run the house keeping his wife’s jewelry in debt. They have two small children, they could not even get milk. I do not know how long the good days will come.



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